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To be modern is to accept that the past is of a lesser state of development than how we are living in modern times, and that the current paradigm of contemporary society is a clear and present progressivist as stated by the article Redefining the Modern World 2013 ‘We define "n...

Some reasons for organizing an historical society might be:

In this recent 1700’s many inventions tool pave which gave a great advantage to the society.

In my opinion, society has become too dependent on technology.

The second meeting of your local historical society should be devoted to the problems of formal organization. Remember that this meeting is as important as the first, and good planning is again essential. The temporary chairman should have made the arrangements for a place to meet, preferably the same as the first meeting. The temporary secretary will have sent out notices of the meeting by mail to those who attended the first meeting. The temporary chairman, assisted by other members of the original organizing group, will co-operate in promoting interest in the meeting. They should send notices of the meeting to the local newspaper. A visit to the local editor might result in a sympathetic editorial encouraging the new society. Phone persons who did not attend the first meeting but who might be interested in joining. Publicity is always important as it is one of the best ways of attracting new members. A positive approach is as important at this stage as at any other.

Responsibility and self duty was key to their societies.

Ms. Khan's identity was in flux, even before the events of Sept. 11 transformed her from a citified, New Age Muslim who shopped at Ikea, skated in Central Park and made profitable use of her law degree as a project-finance associate at Chadbourne & Park, to an angrily articulate advocate intent on disproving any link between Islam and the fugitive who dominates her nightmares, Osama bin Laden.

In Manitoba it is best for the society to be incorporated for the following reasons:

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The owner of the local hardware store is an enthusiastic and serious student of early mining in the area and has collected many artifacts. Mrs. Smith, with her children grown, might become an eager and active member of your group. The principal at the local school majored in history. His grandfather was wounded overseas in the First World War, and he has his grandfather's collection of letters describing army life at that time. The principal also has the letters that his grandmother wrote to her soldier husband which give a good account of how the war affected life in your community. Convince the people whom you approach that they do not have to be professional to be local society members.

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The first formal meeting is crucial. Carry out your program with zest and enthusiasm. You have spent many hours preparing for this meeting, make sure it will pay off. For this initial meeting it might be wise to have a temporary display of old photographs of the community and its early settlers. Before starting, have your guests try to identify the people and places in them. A few unusual museum objects might also serve as conversational pieces. It is an excellent way to get people acquainted and interested. After a few brief remarks stating why your community should have an historical society and what kind of activities it intends to support, a guest speaker can make a brief presentation.

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Most of the immediate organizing group will know one or two people interested in becoming members. That is not enough! Who are likely prospects for membership? Almost anyone and everyone! For example, the janitor at the school, has been for years collecting artifacts of early settlers of the region, from farming tools to household supplies. The retired doctor down the street, who is credited with delivering half the population, has been doing research on the history of your community, since long before he quit his practice. He is now ready to write a book. These are potential members.

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Now do you go about establishing a local historical society? An organizing group with enthusiasm is all that is necessary to start on your venture. Is there an existing organization that performs all of the afore-mentioned functions that you might unite with? If not, then you are ready to form your own society.

This center provides recreation, safety and meals to the seniors in the community.

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Do not make the mistake of thinking a member of a local society is not worthy of inclusion unless he is an "old-timer". Make an effort to invite people of all ages. Many older men and women do have a perspective born of experience, which, in turn, tends to make them more aware of the importance of history, but increasingly, younger people are developing great appetites for the story of their past. Newcomers, too, have a special contribution to make as, so often, they see with "new eyes" what longtime residents have ceased to notice. They very often are the ones that spark the formation of a local historical society, realizing the wealth of heritage that an area contains. The broader the social, economic, and occupational base of membership, the more stable your historical society will be.