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Wright's Shores is a fairly large subdivision, by OBX standards, with approximately 250 individual properties stretching from the bypass to the bay between 4th and 5th streets. The lots are on the smaller side so you won't find a lot of in ground pools here. There is a deeded access to Kitty Hawk Bay on Bay Dr. and a deeded oceanfront access and parking area at the east end of 5th St. for the owners and guest of Wright's Shores. You can find Wright's Shores just south of and north of .

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[In addition, the bird's method of dying determined John's. Heapparently wrung the canary's neck with the efficient skill of someone who hadwrung the necks of a few chickens for dinner in his day. Had Minnie simplysnapped, she could have shot John with the gun on the premises. --Ed. Seealso the comment from California right below about this issue.]

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Shirah, you made some wonderful points in this post, some of which I hadcompletely overlooked. We disagree, however, about John's motive for killing thebird. Of course the unwanted noise was probably a factor, but I think the mainreason he killed the bird was because it was the one thing that prevented Minniefrom being only a possession of her husband's and having no life of her own.

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I disagree with the belief that women in early America were basically cagedin by their husbands. While I roll my eyes at the feminism perpetuatedthroughout this play, it is an interesting work, and I do believe Mr. Wright didneglect [and control mercilessly] his wife based on the story. I refuse to paintthis as how America was though a century ago. Many husbands did care fortheir wives and didn't cage them in. It is time revisionist history ended [witha more balanced view].

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Murdered Bird: As I read "Trifles" there wasn't a doubt inmy mind that . Wright was the one who killed the bird. It nevercrossed my mind that . Wright could have done it. Looking at it fromothers' perspective gives new insight.

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Minnie's Suppressed Emotions: It could have been in those days thatthe wife knew her duties & the man, at any cost, was in charge. Instead ofcommunicating the feelings that were going on, Mrs. Wright suppressed them andhad to let out her anger - by killing the bird. This was something she couldhave control over. In the end, for her own sanity she killed her husband to freeher from what he had made her become.

A related "chicken and egg" question has to do with thechildlessness of the couple:

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As the story unfolded, Mrs. Hale said that Mrs. Wright used to be a veryvibrant young lady, full of life. Did he become estranged from her because ofthe fact that something happened between them? Yes, it did seem like he wasalways like this, and she made the mistake in marrying him.

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I do believe she should have taken a different approach in seeking herrevenge on her own husband. There must have been years of abuse, though, bothmentally and physically in this instance.

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