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That is why, it is quite interesting to see how civilization is tested in "Lord of the Flies"; are we naturally civilized beings, or are we truly savage?
Savagery is defined by the Oxford Dictionary be: "The quality of being fierce or cruel"
This is seen very much throughout the novel, as the boys, being without supervision and being quite young, have a strong desire to survive.

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The Lord of the Flies speaks these lines to Simon in Chapter 8, during Simon’s vision in the glade
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By the end of the novel, everyone has become a savage warrior, except for Ralph, who maintains his beliefs that civilization is necessary, and Simon, who is the only character who is purely good.
Theme in the Beginning
By: Mia Frizzi
in "Lord of the Flies"

In the beginning of the novel, they boys are trying to maintain order.

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Lord of the Flies by William Golding - Ralph Describe an important character and explain why they are important.
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