Mother of Pearls of Wisdom: Things My Mother Taught Me

We shallnot forget this."-From the 1927 Grand Council of American Indians

bios on Blue Eagle, Bue Horse, Calico, Charge Crow, Eagle Elk, Elk Bow, FastElk, Fast Thunder, Flying Shield, Good Lance, Good Voice Hawk, Gray Bear,His Fights, Hollow Horn Bear, Little Dog, Long Fox, Mosquito Hawk, Red Cloud,Red Hawk, Ring Thunder, Shield, Slow Bull, Spotted Elk, Stands First, StruckBy Crow, Two Strike, Yellow Hawk and Yellow Horsebios on Big Ox, Bread, Bull Chief, Bull Goes Hunting, Bull Tongue, CoupsWell Known, Does Everything, Fish Shows, Flathead Woman, Fog In The Morning,Goes Ahead, Hairy Moccasins, Hoop On The Forehead, Hunts The Enemy, HuntsTo Die, Lone Tree, Medicine Crow, Old Dog, On Top, Plenty Coups, Red Wing,Shot In The Hand, Standing Elk, Skins Wolf, Spotted Jack Rabbit, Two Leggings,Two Whistles, Wet, White Man Runs Him, Wolf, Wolf Lies Down, Young HairyWolf, Good Bear, Lean Wolf, Long Time Dog, Sitting Owl, and White Duckbios on Bear's Belly, Bull Neck, Crow Ghost, Four Horns, Red Star, SittingBear, Assiniboin Boy, Curly Head, Cuts Tether, Eagle Child, Head Dress, HorseCapture, Lone Flag, No Bear, Otter Robe, Red Whip, Running Fisher, ThreeWhite Crows, and White And Yellow CowIf you have any comments or would like to add to this page
e-mail Andrew Ross, Dan Katchongva, Dead Eyes, "Great White Father", Heinmot Tooyalaket,Kangi Wiyaka, Kintpuash, Leon Shenendoah, Mahpiua Luta, Manuelito, Mato Gleska,Mawatani Hanska, Motavato, Naiinyanupi, Nicaagat, Parra Wa Samen, ShunkaWitko, Shunkaha Napin, Sinte Galeshka, Tahmelapashme, Tatanka Yotanka, TatokeInyanke, The Indian Helper, Wanigi Ska, White Thunder, Woquini, Yellow Wolf(1489?

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Rum, trinkets, and a grave.

Tecumseh - ShawneeBrothers-- My people wish for peace; the red men all wish for peace; but where thewhite people are, there is no peace for them, except it be on the bosom ofour mother.

"My mother, my dear, taught me to always be kind

My life is and has been so very full. Each day it has been shaped by the miracle of being a mother. For so many years my every moment was intently set on the world of raising my children. I was so keenly aware that my family was some wondrous way that you and I share our love for each other. You have given me my children and husband as a way of showing me your great love - and the way I love my family was a response to you.

But Lord, I am lonesome now. I miss my children! They are growing and moving off and they no longer rely on me in the same way. My time is less taken up with them and at moments I just want to turn back the clock. Help me to see what you have in store for me now. You are doing something new in me. You are preparing me for a new phase, a new service and a new way of loving you.

Keep my eyes clear and my heart open to the ways you call me, Lord. And help me always to be grateful for the many gifts of each day.

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