there is no pre-icosahedral earth-globe.

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The result is a very cluttered and off-center artifact.

Furthermore, it does not show the graticule, and noteven the triangles' dividing lines.

The octants' poles are at one end; the Equator at the other.

And if there was one, it could not match the elegance and simplicity of either Cahill's ball, or a real globe with bold-ehancement of Cahill's 3 dividing lines.

Your millimeterage may vary, so make allowances.

I, for one, can admire a geodesic dome — like the famous one I visited in Montreal — but Icannot sort out its polygons by eye.

Likewise, a spherical icosahedron laid on a terrestrial globe is a complex and confusing affair, .

But it is also intricate, andever more so as the frequency of the grid increases.

7.13 below: Here is the largest Dymaxion map on the Internet.

He was ableto demonstrate the principle with a rubber ball painted as a globe,and cut along enough of the incisions to squeeze it flat under apiece of glass; the ball would return to its globe shape once the glasswas removed.

However, the icosahedron and its equivalent globe offer no such physical and visual transformation.

7.14 below: Well, technically, the next image is bigger than Fig.

Worse yet, Fuller's icosahedron does not comport with a globe's meridians and parallels — the graticule.

Rywalt's animation has done an excellent job as a and illustration of a Dymaxion map going from globe to icosahedron to flat map, but it is not a hands-on .

The next part describes how I sussed out their scales.

It is gorgeous on a geodesic bulding; it is something else again on a globe.

My point is, that the Dymaxion map animation looks great, but it is from a distance, and it omits the graticule.

The parallels and meridians clash in every way with the edges of every triangle.

(Internal triangle edges missing.)

The table in the second pane records the athmospheric data frames that cansat generates and sends every second. The cansat device can store up to 2 min of athmospheric data. In case of a communication failure, the corresponding entries of the table are left blank until a request for the missing frames causes the cansat to downlink the missing frames.

7.1-8 below: Stills from Chris Rywalt's "Dymaxion Projection Animation".

7.9 above, 20x20º, except 20x30º at thepoles.

I argue in Parts 8 and 9,that a Fuller map is than a Cahillmap.

Cahill very evenly and vividly divides the world with3 strokes: Equator, and two meridians: eight pieces.

Scales calcuated by GK according to their triangle edge lengths in mm .

(Internaltriangle edges missing.)

While the animation itself is a fine piece of work; my objection is that it makes the icosahedral map look a lot simpler and more accurate than it really is in relation to a globe.