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But there was one trial in White Fang's life -- Collie. She never gave him a moment's peace. She was not so amenable to the law as he. She defied all efforts of the master to make herbecome friends with White Fang. Ever in his ears was sounding her sharp and nervous snarl. Shehad never forgiven him the chicken-killing episode, and persistently held to the belief that hisintentions were bad. She found him guilty before the act, and treated him accordingly. Shebecame a pest to him, like a policeman following him around the stable and the grounds, and, if heeven so much as glanced curiously at a pigeon or chicken, bursting into an outcry of indignationand wrath. His favorite way of ignoring her was to lie down, with his head on his fore-paws, andpretend sleep. This always dumfounded and silenced her.

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With the exception of Collie, all things went well with White Fang. He had learned controland poise, and he knew the law. He achieved a staidness, and calmness, and philosophicaltolerance. He no longer lived in a hostile environment. Danger and hurt and death did not lurkeverywhere about him. In time, the unknown, as a thing of terror and menace ever impending,faded away. Life was soft and easy. It flowed along smoothly, and neither fear nor foe lurked bythe way.

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White Fang had never been very demonstrative. Beyond his snuggling and the throwing of acrooning note into his love-growl, he had no way of expressing his love. Yet it was given him todiscover a third way. He had always been susceptible to the laughter of the gods. Laughter hadaffected him with madness, made him frantic with rage. But he did not have it in him to be angrywith the love-master, and when that god elected to laugh at him in a good-natured, bantering way,he was nonplussed. He could feel the pricking and stinging of the old anger as it strove to rise upin him, but it strove against love. He could not be angry; yet he had to do something. At first hewas dignified, and the master laughed the harder. Then he tried to be more dignified, and themaster laughed harder than before. In the end, the master laughed him out of his dignity. Hisjaws slightly parted, his lips lifted a little, and a quizzical expression that was more love thanhumor came into his eyes. He had learned to laugh.

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Growling savagely, White Fang sprang out of the corner, overturning the boy and the girl. The mother called them to her and comforted them, telling them not to bother White Fang. "Awolf is a wolf," commented Judge Scott. "There is no trusting one."

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"You have only Weedon's opinion for that," rejoined the Judge. "He merely surmises thatthere is some strain of dog in White Fang; but as he will tell you himself, he knows nothing aboutit. As for his appearance -- "

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White Fang turned to the love-master's wife. She screamed with fright as he seized her dressin his teeth and dragged on it till the frail fabric tore away. By this time he had become the centreof interest. He had ceased from his growling and stood, head up, looking into their faces. Histhroat worked spasmodically, but made no sound, while he struggled with all his body, convulsedwith the effort to rid himself of the incommunicable something that strained for utterance.

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White Fang knew the meaning of "home," and though he did not understand the remainder ofthe master's language, he knew it was his will that he should go home. He turned and trottedreluctantly away. Then he stopped, undecided, and looked back over his shoulder.

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The children welcomed White Fang with glad cries and ran to meet him. He avoided themand passed down the porch, but they cornered him against a rocking-chair and the railing. Hegrowled and tried to push by them. Their mother looked apprehensively in their direction.

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Though he often tried to bark thereafter, and the master encouraged him, he succeeded onlyonce, and then it was not in the master's presence. A scamper across the pasture, a jackrabbitrising suddenly under the horse's feet, a violent sheer, a stumble, a fall to earth, and a broken legfor the master were the cause of it. White Fang sprang in a rage at the throat of the offendinghorse, but was checked by the master's voice.