Weakness or asthenia is a symptom of a number of different conditions

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Likelihood of Discovery* is the likelihood that an attacker candiscover the weakness.

CWE - Common Weakness Scoring System (CWSS)

This factor could be quantified with custom weights. Preciseprevalence data may be available within limited use cases, providedthe user is tracking weakness data at a low level of granularity. Forexample, a developer may be tracking weaknesses across a suite ofproducts, or a code-auditing vendor could measure prevalence from thesoftware analyzed across the entire customer base. In a previousversion of CWSS, prevalence was calculated based on from raw votingdata that was collected for the 2010 Top 25, which used discretevalues (range 1 to 4) which were then adjusted to a 1-to-10 range.

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The Prevalence* of a finding identifies how frequently this type ofweakness appears in software.

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The values for the factors involved in scoring could changefrequently based on industry trends. For example, the likelihood ofdiscovery of a particular weakness may change - rising if detectiontechniques improve (or if there is a shift in focus because ofincreases in attacks), or falling if enough developers have methodsfor avoiding the weakness, and/or if automatic protection mechanismsreach wide-scale adoption.

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It is anticipated that CWSS may be considered for use in othertypes of software assessments, such as safety, reliability, andquality. Weaknesses or other issues related to code quality mightreceive higher prioritization within a CWRAF vignette-oriented scheme,since safety, compliance, or maintainability might be important. Thisusage is not explicitly supported with CWSS 1.0. However, suchquality-related issues could be scored in which the Required Privilegeis the same as Acquired Privilege, and the Required Privilege Layer isthe same as the Acquired Privilege Layer; the Business Impact couldalso be used.

The Authentication Strength covers the strength of theauthentication routine that protects the code/functionality thatcontains the weakness.

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Score individual weaknesses that are discovered in the design orimplementation of a specific ("targeted") software package,e.g. a buffer overflow in the username of an authentication routine inline 1234 of server.c in an FTP server package.

The weakness is found in most or all software in the associatedenvironment, and may occur multiple times within the same softwarepackage.

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There are also some challenges for scoring findings that combinemultiple weaknesses. By their nature, compound elements such as involve interactions between multiple reportedweaknesses. With some detection techniques such as automated codescanning, multiple CWE entries might be reported as separate findingsfor a single chain or composite. If individual scores within eachlink of the chain are counted separately, this could wind upartificially inflating any aggregate scores. However, sometimes thecompound element is more than the sum of its parts, and thecombination of multiple weaknesses has a higher impact than themaximum impact of any individual weakness. This is not well-handledin the current CWSS scheme; however, it should be noted that CVSSv3 islikely to include guidance for scoring chains as their own independententities, so future versions of CWSS might follow suit.

An attacker would probably target this weakness successfully, but thechances of success might vary, or require multiple attempts tosucceed.

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Use of the Common Weakness Enumeration and the associated references from this website are subject to the . For more information, please email .