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In “The Cask of Amontillado” Edgar Allan Poe uses foreshadowing and dramatic irony and verbal irony to show Fortunato’s misfortunes which eventually lead to his death.

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By using symbolism, Jackson uses names, objects and the setting to mask irony of the lottery....

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Fitzgerald uses Gatsby’s lush parties, Myrtle’s death, Gatsby’s death, and the title of the novel to demonstrate how irony plays a key role in the development of the plot....

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Such examples of the use of dramatic irony in this play include; Oedipus’ going to Thebes to find the murderer of the late king Laius, the term from which his name is derived, and his attempt to escape Corinth and his fate.

The use of irony creates suspense, and adds interest as to what will happen....
Shakespeare uses dramatic irony throughout the play to create tension for the audience and foreshadow the ending.

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Examples of this are when Macbeth says to Banquo, “Tonight we hold a solemn supper, sir, And I’ll request your presence (III, i, 13-14)” or when he says “Fail not our feast (III, i, 28).” Verbal irony makes the play more tragic because, if the reader understands the irony of what a character is saying, then the reader can see the true nature and intentions of the character....

Scott Fitzgerald helps the reader to recognize and understand his use of irony by giving key examples throughout The Great Gatsby.

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The use of the third-person point of view, with just a few cases of third-person omniscient thrown in, is an effective way of telling this ironic tale, both because the narrator's reporter-like blandness parallels the villagers' apparent apathy to the lottery, and because it helps build to the sur...

Shakespeare does not use irony in an understated way, it is very direct, and can be found on almost every page of the book.

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