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The main Caribbean game was plantation work, although Portugal finally joined the big game with a gold strike, finally, in Minas Gerais in Brazil. Then the Portuguese had their very own gold rush, which saw about 600,000 Portuguese citizens migrate there by 1760. The Portuguese Crown tried keeping control and getting its cut, but greedy chaos prevailed regularly, as in all gold rushes. As with all New World gold rushes to that time, slaves were needed to make it work. The 18th century was the greatest era of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Portugal, being the inventors of the African-Atlantic-Americas slave trade, was also its biggest beneficiary. More than half of the slave voyages to the New World were Portuguese, and of the estimated 11 million Africans who survived to become New World slaves (with probably at least an equal number dying, and perhaps as many as 30 million or more, in the process), more than 4.5 million ended up in Brazil, and the English were in second place with 2.6 million slaves. A Brazilian slave could be expected to provide about seven years of usefulness before dying.

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The information passed through the telegraph paints a picture of society, used by the authorities.

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In 1840, there were about 17 million Americans, as compared to less than four million in 1790, when the first American census was taken. The 1840s saw the USA in the midst of trends that define its character today. Between Napoleon and World War I, European soil was largely free of warfare. That was partly because the USA acted as a safety valve for poorer Europeans. British subjects and Germans were the most common immigrants, and the Africans who came against their will as slaves. Early industrialization in Europe was a hellish experience, and the UK led the way. British factories were known as “satanic mills” and dismal British urban life of the late 18th and early 19th century is epitomized by the work of Charles Dickens. His was published in 1843.

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Land grabbing and dispossessing the natives was how America was built, and was the of Jackson’s career, but future CIA-asset Arthur Schlesinger won a Pulitzer Prize for his , published in 1945, and in it there is no mention of Jackson the land grabber, no mention of the Trail of Tears, no mention of his slave ownership, no mention of the Battle of Horseshoe Bend, which made him famous and won him the presidency. That is how a great deal of American “history” has been fabricated, by simply whitewashing over the greatest feats of the early robber-baron presidents, acting as if they never happened, and winning awards for doing so. Schlesinger was also the most prominent person to fabricate the Camelot image of the Kennedy presidency. The cultural awakening of the 1960s has helped ameliorate such nationalistic revisionism.

has one of the most spectacular examples: Brashingham's sudden appearance back in the boarding house, out of a photographer's blinding flash.
Many scholars note Steinbeck for his many uses of Christian imagery within The Grapes of Wrath

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Lending more credence to the assassination angle on Torrijos's death, during Panama’s invasion the Torrijos Museum was specifically targeted and bombed by America, and four months after the invasion, Torrijos's tomb was attacked, opened, and his remains stolen by white men. Torrijos was a thorn in America’s side, negotiating the return of the Panama Canal, which was why . The informed speculation is that the Skull and Bones Society, Yale’s eastern establishment secret society that robs graves to steal the remains of those who were obstacles to the American Empire, performed the theft. As of 2014, George Bush the First belongs to the club, as did his father , whose contribution to the club was apparently robbing Geronimo’s grave. George Bush the Second also belongs to the club.

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Few will baldly state what their true ambition is, especially when it is driven by and a lust for power. However, declassified documents from the war and early post-war years clearly spelled out the American government's intentions. American planners saw the colonized world in virtually the same way that Europe had, but their internal documents phrased things more clinically. Before World War II had even ended, the USA's planners saw nearly the entire globe as its “Grand Area,” and the USA's destroyed imperial rivals were going to follow the “great workshops” example of Japan and Germany during the war and become producers of goods that the USA would find useful. Traditional colonial lands were to be a source of cheap labor, food, and natural resources, and a captive market for manufactures, in mercantile fashion. Colonial domains, Africa in particular, were to be exploited to help rebuild Europe and Japan. The USA's plans were a blueprint for a truly global empire. Only the Soviet Union stood in its way (and later, China), and that was what the Cold War was all about, which the USA instigated and escalated at every opportunity.

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Panama had an uneasy relationship with Colombia for generations, with a number of revolts, but was relatively independent in 1900. Throughout the 1800s, the USA never supported Panamanian notions of independence from Colombia. The USA had a treaty with Colombia that it would put down any Panamanian revolts to keep the region around its rail line stable. Because of Isthmus traffic, the Panamanian region was relatively prosperous and something of a Colombian cash cow. When Grant was president, he had Central America surveyed several times to investigate canal possibilities. With the collapse of the French effort, American interest began anew. It quickly came down to two possible routes: through Panama or Nicaragua. Lake Nicaragua was planned for part of the Nicaraguan route.