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The CIA is about the world’s premier drug runner, and George Bush the First once ran it. With the Soviet Empire collapsing, the USA could put aside any pretense it adopted with the 1980s wars that , where it used proxies. It was still having problems stuffing Nicaragua back into the neocolonial corral, and elections were coming up in February of 1990. The USA's invasion of Panama may have been an instructive lesson to Nicaragua of what happened to nations that displeased the USA, especially now that the USA's main political-economic rival, however weak it was, had collapsed. The Sandinistas lost that 1990 election, as the Nicaraguan people surrendered to the USA's war against them, as Ronald Reagan openly wished for.

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Again, what happened in the Gulf War was not "war." It was slaughter. War is what World War II was like, in which both sides were fairly evenly matched, and . What was not "war." In the "Gulf War," the casualty ratio was about 1,000-to-1. America likely killed more than 100,000 Iraqi soldiers (other reasonable estimates go as high as 200,000 and higher), while fewer than 200 Americans died, and about half of those were by "friendly fire" by our own troops. As with Panama, the USA's government had great motivation to keep the facts from the public that cheers and finances the bloodshed. America’s armed forces actively prevented any accurate "enemy" body count in or Iraq.

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Another innovative act by our armed forces was a new version of trench warfare. During the ground war, the USA deployed vehicles that were essentially tanks with bulldozer blades. The ground war, as with the air war, was not a war in any meaningful sense. It was another "turkey shoot," and entire armored divisions of Iraq's army were decimated without returning even one effective shot. The surviving Iraqi soldiers were generally fleeing, hiding in their bunkers, or rushing to surrender. Many thousands of Iraqi soldiers were huddled in trenches and bunkers, and some attempted to mount a pitiful defense to the juggernaut bearing down on them. The tank-bulldozers performed an unprecedented act: they approached the trenches and bunkers and filled them with earth, burying thousands of Iraqi soldiers alive. It qualified as another war crime. Not one American was killed in the live entombment of thousands of Iraqi soldiers.

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In 2000, about 75% of Turkey's arms were of American manufacture. Analyzing the USA's media's performance regarding Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Kurds is a good lesson in the "" paradigm that the USA's press has adopted. Kurds being killed by Iraq, while Iraq was an American ally (largely because they were at war with Iran) was largely unreported by the USA's press…until Hussein became an official enemy on August 2, 1990.

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The USA bombs other nations at will because it is the world’s most powerful nation, and anybody who thinks there is another reason will have to make some compelling and well-founded arguments. The embargo of Cuba (nearly as old as I am), the genocidal sanctions against Iraq, the bludgeoning of Yugoslavia, Clinton's complacent acquiescence to mass killing in East Timor and Rwanda, and so on, made him the bloodiest tyrant since Stalin, Hitler, and the Chinese purges. Clinton did it because it was his job. Bush and Reagan would probably have been worse. Killing millions of innocent people comes with the job of being the American president.

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There were some dire footnotes to Iraq's situation. The "oil-for-food" program largely swindled Iraq. The USA manipulated the program so baldly that it would be hilarious if it did not cost so many lives. Iraq was forced to sell its oil for food and other life-saving supplies, and tried its best to not sell any of it to the hated USA. All the same, nearly 40% of Iraq's oil exports (sold at cut-rate prices) made it into the USA via middlemen, and the USA as of April 2000 was blocking more than a billion dollars of relief from getting to Iraq. The oil companies raked it in through cut-rate prices paid for Iraqi oil, Iraq became one of the USA's biggest oil suppliers (from zero imports in 1996 to the USA's fifth biggest supplier in 2000), the USA blocked dearly bought food and supplies from getting to Iraq, and the deaths continued to mount. It was among the world's deadliest rackets.