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To celebrate the 60th anniversary of victory in World War IIUkraine issued this circulating commemorative 1 Hryvnia. The2005 dated 26mm aluminum-bronze coin depicts soldiers returning frombattle between searchlight beams which form a V. The standard1 Hryvnia obverse is used.

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The reverses depict the Ukrainian arms. Thecoin is Proof-like..

As many as 10 Million Ukrainians lost their lives during World WarII. Ukraine keeps their memory alive with commemorativecoins.

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Ukraine suffered greatly during World War II, both under Stalin andHitler. An estimated 10 Million citizens died during thewar. Monuments were constructed in cities that sufferedduring the war.

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Inorder tofinance their activities fighting the Japanese during World War IIvarious guerrilla bands in the Philippines issued their own currency.

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Each note has two sets of block letters,starting with the letter “M", which stood for Malaya. As ananti-counterfeiting measure tiny colored silk threads were embeddedinto the paper. These unissued, Crisp Uncirculated 10 Dollarnotes were abandoned by the Japanese forces in Malaya after Japan’ssurrender in 1945. They sat in storage for many years sincethen. Today they are historic collector’s itemsrecalling Japan’s unsuccessful attempt to extend her empire across Asiain World War II. This note is included in the setof listed above.

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When these 10 Dollar notes issued by The Japanese Government startedshowing up shortly after World War II, many people took it as proofthat Japan had planned to conquer the United States, and had their newcurrency for the United States already printed. The story wasrepeated so many times that many believed it must be true. Though the Japanese government did print the notes, they were for usein Malay, which Japan conquered by early 1942, not the UnitedStates. Like the United States, Malaya called theircurrency the Dollar. However the design is much more suitedto Malaya than the United States. The front features bananas,breadfruit and coconuts.

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After Germany invaded France in World War II, the French administratorsin Cameroon declared their colony to be under the control of FreeFrance, rather than submit to puppet Vichy government. Theyarranged to have these 25mm bronze 1 Franc coins struck at the SouthAfrican mint. The 1943 dated coins feature patriotic symbolsof the Free French Forces, including a bold French rooster on one sideand the Cross of Lorraine on the other.

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The twelve-sided coin depicts KingGeorge VI on the obverse. The coin was made of a brass alloycalled Tombac. Because copper was needed for the war effort,in 1944 and 1945 the metal was changed to chrome platedsteel. In 1946, after victory had been achieved, the beaverreverse was resumed.

Likemany nations, British controlledPalestine changed the alloy of their coins in World War II.

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Indonesia gainedindependence from the Netherlands shortly after World War II, makingthem some of the last coins ever issued for what had been a Dutchterritory for over 300 years.