'They must never be forgotten while we are safe and free.'

Now, in Britain, the response to the increase in crime has been to propose abolishing historic protections concerning double jeopardy, self-incrimination, and even .

A rallying call for volunteers.

King Edward VIII is pictured above broadcasting to the Empire earlier in 1936.

Announcing the new King at the Royal Exchange, London.

Thus, Sancho II of Navarre (970-994) is different from Sancho II of Aragón (1063-1094), Sancho II of Castile (1065-1072), and Sancho II of Portugal (1223-1245); but Alfonso IX of León (1188-1230) is numbered in succession to Alfonso VIII of Castile (1158-1214).

Edward VIII's first message to the Empire as King.

It is tempting to see Sancho III of Navarre as Sancho I of Castile (as he is Sancho I of Aragón), since he bestowed Castile as a kingdom on his son, Sancho II.

Edward, Prince of Wales, and King George V open the British Empire Exhibition.

See the official text of the Act at

The best we can do is a fictional English Guardsman, Hereward, with whose description Sir Walter Scott, "the Author of Waverley," actually begins [1832], his novel set in the Court of Alexius Comnenus.

Buckingham PalaceLondon SW 1United Kingdom

Saying ‘Goodbye’ to Jim he told me to forget my English reserve and gave me a big bear hug! He was off to Crestuma in Portugal to represent Ireland in another World Cup Kayak Marathon race. The previous night he showed me what a gifted musician he is. He has a room full of musical instruments including a full drum kit, several guitars and a keyboard. He can play them too – so much talent in one man it’s just not fair! Sarah, like most women with gifted partners does a good job of keeping his feet on the ground and together they make a great couple. I would miss them both tremendously, and Buster the Cat too!

To find places of historical interest in Ireland visit:

Unfortunately, unlike cases such as Harald Hardråde, whose story is told in , we apparently do not have any accounts of individual Englishmen in the Guard.

How 'mutual help' might provide a solution to the unemployment problem.

John Tusa opens up the Windsors debate.

Warming since the 19th century, although now creating alarm in , has still not quite returned to the levels of warmth that were experienced in the 11th and 12th centuries (the Mediaeval Warm Period).
Between 1200 and 1600, i.e.

The Windsors' first official royal engagement in Britain since the abdication.

The 'Radio Times' praises the new King's broadcasting abilities.

With a sad irony, Anne was the last British Monarch who exercised what were believed to be the healing powers of the Royal Touch -- though by Anne's day this was supposed only to be effective for , tuberculosis of the lymph glands.

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The pressing need to inform the Empire about the crisis.

The Coastal Pilot had warned of disturbed seas between Bolus Head and Bray Head at the western end of Valentia Island. The day was calm but even so there was considerable movement as the deep ocean swell rebounded off the many cliffs and reefs that protect the Iveragh Peninsula and I began to feel tired as the miles caught up with me. Passing seaward of Puffin Island unsure if it was inhabited, the island lived up to its name and I was entertained by the antics of hundreds of ‘sea parrots’ as they looked down on me with childlike curiosity from their burrows or scattered in apparent panic as my path took me unavoidably through rafts of the bobbing little birds. The massive cliffs are also home to thousands of storm petrels but as yet I had seen very few of these tiny and elusive birds.