Devotion - Romeo (and Paris!) and Juliet - commitment.

Love is presented alongside hate (feud of the families)
Act 1, Scene 1
Write a PEA on how Romeo's love is presented by Shakespeare here.
Love: Romeo's love is fanciful and superfluous.

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The scene opens with the Nurse being her common self. Having called Juliet and not receiving a response, she teases Juliet that she will soon be spending lots of time in bed with Paris, but now she needs to arise and make preparations for the wedding. The Nurse then discovers Juliet’s cold body and shrieks with lamentations. Capulet enters with his wife and is perturbed that the Nurse is delaying progress. When he is informed that Juliet is dead, his grief knows no bounds. Usually quick to speak, Lord Capulet can only say, “Death lies on her like untimely frost/upon the sweetest flower.” Friar Lawrence and Paris enter and ask if the bride is ready for the ceremony. Capulet informs Paris that his bride is dead and that now death is his son-in-law. All of them are in tears, cursing the day and accusing death of cheating them.

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Once again, the sense of time is very important in this scene. The hurried pace of the marriage preparation for Paris and Juliet parallels the hurried pace of Romeo and Juliet’s meeting and marriage.

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This scene foreshadows the actual experiences of the tomb. Juliet’s state of anxiety allows her imagination to run wild, and her language matches her images with verbal excess. It is only her concern for Romeo and their being together that forces her to take the potion.

Romeo and Juliet - hope, despair, tragety, love

We need to look at how they run alongside each other and develop throughout the play.
'Romeo and Juliet': Themes of LOVE and TRAGEDY
At the start of the play
What do we learn from the Prologue about these two themes?
Aptly nick-named due to Juliet being on a balcony talking down (literally, not metaphorically) to Romeo.
The FAMOUS Balcony Scene
TRAGEDY and LOVE finally collide with a sad scenario but, ironically, a positive outcome.
Look closely at the extracts that show Romeo before he meets Juliet.
Romeo before Juliet: Act 1, Scene 1 (and a bit in Scene 2)
What is the character like as a lover?
What type of love do you think the character Romeo is feeling?
What do you think Shakespeare is trying to tell his audience about Romeo?
What do we know about Juliet?
Juliet before Romeo: Act 1, Scene 3
She isn't in love at the start of the play...what situation is she faced with instead?
Write two PEA paragraphs that explain how Shakespeare presents the theme of LOVE through the eponymous characters at the start of the play.
But remember, tragedy and love are entwined in this play and walk, so to speak, side-by-side as the story progresses.

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What is Shakespeare up to?
Look at the extracts from the first few encounters.
As the story progresses so does their love - Romeo and Juliet: How does Shakespeare show their love when they first meet?
What do you recognise?
What words are specifically important?
Any comments on the style or structure?
Write a PEA paragraph about how Shakespeare shows the love in a positive way at the stage in the play.
So why has Shakespeare made this meeting foreboding?
But remember!

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- The distance, in miles, between the Curtain Theatre, the site of the first performance of Romeo and Juliet, and Verona, the Italian city in which the play is set.

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It is important to note Juliet’s continued maturity in this scene. For the first time in the play, she does not take the Nurse into her confidence. She is now brave enough to act totally alone and out of love for Romeo when she drinks the potion.

How could the deaths in Romeo and Juliet have been avoided?

Shakespeare is thought to have coined many words we use every day, for example 'inauspicious', 'uncomfortable', 'ladybird' and 'bump' are all thought to appear in Romeo and Juliet for the first time.