James Hughes and Carrie Langston are Hughes’ parents.

Hopefully, my students will be motivated to excel, to develop a greater appreciation for Langston Hughes and his literary achievements, and to enjoy themselves as well.My strategies for teaching this unit will reflect a diversified literary approach.

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Lesson PlansMy first lesson involves one of my favorite Langston Hughes poems.

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On May 22, 1967, Langston Hughes died, but his work and his spirit will live on forever.As prolific as Hughes strove to be in a variety of genres, he saw himself primarily as a poet.

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And yet his cosmopolitanism, rare for any American in his time, never displaced his passionate engagement with and commitment to African-American vernacular culture.”6Langston Hughes’s life was filled with a wide variety of rich experiences.

Then I thought about doing “The Ballad of Pearl May Lee”, which was Langston Hughes’s favorite.

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I’m sure that the children of the city of New Haven will have to open their ears and to listen to the sweet music of Langston Hughes.Langston Hughes was born in Joplin, Missouri in 1902, spending most of his early years with his grandmother in Lawrence, Kansas due to the estranged relationship between his parents.

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But, as I began to develop this project, I came to realize that the “We” represents all of us — the poets, our Yale professors, ourselves and - perhaps most importantly, our students.Langston Hughes, being American, tells all of us in his poetry that freedom must belong to all of us before it can be freedom for anyone.

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Because of the general interest in all facets of Negro life in the 1920’s and 30’s, he was able to please large elements of the white and the black audience as well.My objectives for this segment of my curriculum unit are to present an overview of Langston Hughes’s poetry, to read and appreciate the candid, honest and powerful creative masterpieces of this black genius, and to discuss their numerous universal themes and their subtle, underlying meanings, highlighting the tensions, the inequalities, and the hope for greater opportunity.

Writers such as McKay, Toomer, Bontemps, Cullen and Hughes became widely accepted as peers of universally-accepted poets of the time.

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Hughes attempted to capture the beat and rhythm of blues songs in his poetry.“The Weary Blues” was a Langston Hughes poem that appeared to be influenced by vaudeville lyrics.

It was on this train excursion that Langston created one of his most famous poems, “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”.

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Major luminaries of the movement, such as Alain Locke, Alice Dunbar-Nelson and Langston Hughes, have been identified as anywhere from openly gay to sexually ambiguous or mysterious.

In a 1993 essay, "The Black Man's Burden," Henry Louis Gates Jr., notes that the Harlem Renaissance "was surely as gay as it was black."
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Black authors following their own unique artistic vision led to a vast
diversity of art
that was produced during the Harlem Renaissance.

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Gwendolyn Brooks shares with Langston Hughes the achievement of being responsive to turbulent changes in the black community’s vision of itself and to the changing forms of its ambiance during decades of rapid change.11One of Gwendolyn’s “race heroes” was her close friend Langston Hughes.