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The characters in Uncle Tom's Cabin did.
I am thoroughly enjoying the novel because I am so engaged in the world of Huck Finn, whether Twain is racist or not.

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If any parent had had a problem with the text of Huckleberry Finn, we would have known about it.

Character and the River in Huck Finn

When Kathy and I were preparing to lead class last thursday, I found a quote that Ernest Hemmingway said: "All modern American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn...All American writing comes from that.

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I disagree with Hemmingway's quote that Sam included in her post ("All modern American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called Huckleberry Finn...All American writing comes from that.

In my junior year my English class read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn under the guidance of Dr.

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I can't, and I wonder if I shouldn't put the strength of my convictions for this issue into my thoughts about Huck Finn which we have (I think) all determined maintains a great deal of racism - and whether the Spike Lee piece is accurate or not about how Twain was purposeful in portraying Jim as he did in order to poke hole in racism - the steriotypes are still there.

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Huck Finn may just be entertaining fiction, but it depicts a historical time and the attitudes of the people, and I think that is more important than the presence of the word 'nigger'.

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They have rhetorical aims...that are...partisan, designed to put the case...convincingly in behalf of a particular interpretation."This is one explanation for the (inevitable) generation of new stories: that those we hear told (about ourselves, about others) seem to us inadequate, so we are driven/drawn to tell them from another point of view...Certainly this explains Wiley's script of Huck Finn; as tells us, Wiley was incredulous to learn that so many critics have been taken in by Jim's performance of gullibility; from his perspective, the minstrel mask is a strategic role Jim chooses to play out of his own self-interest.Bruner also argues that stories originate as explications of "deviations from the ordinary." If something is unexceptionable, it doesn't need explaining.

For much the same reasons I enjoyed Ahab's Wife (seeing a story from a different perspective) I enjoyed this reading of Huck Finn.

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In one of the readings for the Spike Lee part of looking at Huckleberry Finn was a comment about how there has never been a good movie of the book.

we read Huck Finn and really we are all seeing something different because we are seeing it through the unique lens of our own eyes.

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Huck Finn, with the aid of South Park, shows us how far we have come as a nation and how rooted in our history we are, which is extremely problematic.

huck is the most down to earth character there is.Huck Finn was one of the books my dad read out loud to me when i was young.

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i don't think that it matters that mark twain did or did not intend to have jim be an intelligent person...'huck finn' is being interprated in the world of 2003 and in this world black men and women are seen as equals and read as equals, assumed equal.