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A twenty-five minute audio recording of John Cheever reading the short story he authored for The New Yorker and on which this film was based is also a noteworthy supplement.

Rounding out the extras are a few very extensive still galleries featuring all sorts of promotional and pre-production materials, a PDF version of the original script accessible via BD-Rom drives, a pair of TV spots and a trailer for the feature.

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As this is a combo pack release we also get a DVD version of the disc (so those without a BD-Rom can access the script if they want to) and inside the keepcase is a full color booklet of liner notes comprised of an essay from Stuart Gordon and a second essay from Chris Innis that offer a very thorough look at the strange history of this cinematic oddity.

The Final Word:

Grindhouse Releasing gives The Swimmer a fantastic Blu-ray debut.

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The score sounds good as do the few effects that are used throughout the movie.

Extras start off with a fantastic five part documentary entitled The Story Of The Swimmer that is made up primarily of interviews with everyone Grindhouse were able to round up to contribute.

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In “The Swimmer,” John Cheever experiments with narrative structure and chronology

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So he sets out to do exactly this, and as he does, his journey becomes unusual.

Some of the people whose pools he swims through are happy to see him, others not so much and many of them are a little confused by his unexpected arrivals in their backyards.

This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of The Swimmer by John Cheever.

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As he swims through each pool, snippets of his life are unveiled through the unusual conversations that occur between Ned and the different people he encounters on his journey.

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The Swimmer is a well crafted short story written by John Cheever