I have been one acquainted with the night.

One might note that while the ranch in is designed to reform juvenile delinquents, that the Civilian Conservation Corps in is designed to give jobs to the unemployed.

I have walked out in rain -- and back in rain.

I have outwalked the further city light.
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I have looked down the saddest city lane.

Sullivan has no problem expressing two aspects of his character: that he's a cop devoted to his job, including catching crooks, and that he's a humanitarian determined to uphold civilized standards and opposed to harming or mistreating convicts.

I have passed by the watchman on his beat.

It is seemingly an attempt to make a gay film in the tradition of the heterosexual , one that would present homosexuality in a crime drama, the way shows forbidden kinds of heterosexuality.

And dropped my eyes, unwilling to...
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Lewis was a Hollywood director, especially of Westerns and thrillers.

Thebusinesses and stores are full of lettering and elaborate signs,in a way that recalls tough urban areas, such as Los Angeles'skid row area, Main Street.

Lewis has two different audiences, which do not overlap much:

The trailer (included on the DVD) has shots not included in theactual film, such as one showing the wife leaving the basement,and another showing the corpse come back to life.

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People have to sign up at the Camp for a six month stay, and later, a desperate Mugs sells his long-term boxing services to the boxingmanager for money.

Lewis: SubjectsDetection and thinking:

All of these can be categorized as "non-military government institutions that support the nation's infrastructure, and which are run on militaristic lines".

ASC: An alternative spelling for or aesc.

But the man also is a traditional house servant, who talksless like the many white ranch foremen in Westerns of the era,and more like a respectful servant.

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In and , we see sparks from the forge; but in , the blacksmith is working on wagon wheels (whatelse from a filmmaker nicknamed Wagon Wheel Joe?)The crooks are all prominent business or professional men in thetown.

Nevins, for research and inspiration.

As in a good mystery the plot is both logically constructedand surprising, with each new development logically based on,and consistent with events and characters that have already beenestablished; yet surprising and unexpected.