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In 1948, Dr. Alfred Kinsey changed the world's understanding of human sexuality.
Today, Dr. Sue Carter and the Kinsey Institute have a broader mission: investigating the science of love, its connection to sexuality, and their collective impact on our humanity.

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Presbyterians are talking about human sexuality and homosexuality.

This approach seeks not only to make understandable the richtheology of Catholic teaching on the nature of humanity created as man and woman, but also to communicate the truth and beauty of God's design of human sexuality.

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The 2012 movie, , is based on an essay by Mark O'Brien, a poet paralyzed from the neck down due to polio, who, in his 40s, hired a sex surrogate to have his first sexual experience. Helen Hunt plays the role of the sensitive, intelligent, trained sexual surrogate and John Hawks plays the role of the physically disabled, talented, educated poet. The movie has rekindled interest in the controversial topic of Surrogate Partner Therapy, or what also has been called, Sexual Surrogate Therapy. The original concept was developed and studied by Masters and Johnson in their work, Human Sexual Inadequacy, in 1970. As with many issues related to sex, this is a highly controversial topic. While sexual surrogacy was popular and practiced in the 1970s and 1980s, the idea of psychotherapists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, counselors, and mental health professionals referring clients to Surrogate Partner Therapy is highly controversial and very little examined in current times.

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