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Schools receive endowments and alumni donations earmarked for specific student populations – including individuals facing particular challenges. Your financial aid office is well-equipped to request disability scholarships on your behalf, and to steer you toward the best sources of financial aid.

The SVM Surgery Club offers suture labs throughout the year.

University of Wisconsin-Madison  lists the following scholarships for disabled university students:
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The Undergraduate Student Government Association.

“I feel like students generally deal with stress in healthy ways – the most important of which is relying on friends and a strong support system,” Ip said.

Religious student organizations host a bi-annual interfaith potluck.

“Regarding alcohol – we see a trend toward the extremes. More students do not drink at all (20 percent in 1997 versus 17 percent in 1993), but the heavy drinkers drink more, and drink more often. This is also a national trend,” Pertofsky said.

Bewick BM, Mulhern B, Barkham M, Trusler K, Hill AJ, Stiles WB.  MBC Public Health, May 2008.
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Genomics is an exciting and innovative field of medicine which is growing by the day. Now more than ever, medical professionals must be informed and active in this developing field. We provide the leadership, framework, and focus as a student organization to increase awareness of this topic. Activities revolve around increasing awareness in genomics and providing service to the community.

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The SGU Musicians’ Collective aims to foster a community of artists or fans of music as a therapeutic support network for the stresses of higher education. It strives to accomplish this by holding fun events for fellow students in order to accomplish its primary goal of raising money for charitable organizations to make sustainable improvements throughout our beloved Spice Island.

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ICSA is an organization that endeavors to share the Indian culture with the entire university and country of Grenada at large. The organization welcomes members from all races, colors, and creeds. ICSA hosts many different events on campus including a Diwali Show in the fall and a Holi Show in the spring. Both cultural shows include Indian dances, vocal acts, and other various performances.

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The IVSA exists to benefit animals and people by harnessing the potential and dedication of veterinary students to promote the international application of veterinary skills, education and knowledge. IVSA wants to raise the overall standard of veterinary education by increasing international and inter-cultural exchange of ideas and knowledge by organizing student exchange programs and attending international congresses and symposiums. We also hope to encourage students to undertake education in important areas outside their normal training.

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The student body has become increasingly involved with the community in Grenada through various volunteer projects. Students have donated time, money, and a tremendous amount of energy to projects such as the Kennedy Home for the Handicapped, the Grenada Health Fair, the St. George’s University Fund for the Orphans and the Elderly, the Limes After School Program, the Queen Elizabeth Home for Orphans and the Dorothy Hopkins Home for the Disabled. Information regarding volunteer opportunities can be found by contacting the Significant Other group.