Saul said to David, 'Go, and the LORD be with you.'" (17:34-37)

McCarterpoints out the problem in relation to 1 Samuel:

The narratives about Samuel, Saul, and David that make up ourbook have a heterogeneous appearance even to the untrained eye.

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As a result, since as early as the beginning of the Christianera, ancient Jebusite Jerusalem had been popularly but erroneouslyassociated with the southern portion of the western hill, a traditionwhich has been corrected only by more than a century's worth ofarcheological research, extending from De Saulcey's first searchfor the Tombs of the Kings of David and his successors in 1850to the discovery of the location and limits of the City of Davidin 1927.

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Although David's men evidently scaled the walls of Jerusalemand did not gain entrance to the Jebusite fortress, as had beenthought, by means of the city's underground water system; archeologyhas shown that the anciaent citadel which David took called "thestronghold of Zion" and subsequently the "city of David"(2 Samuel 5:7), which the king built, were located on the easternhill above the Gihon Fountain and not on the so-called westernhill of Zion, separated by the Tyropoean Valley.

The story of David in full is found in the books of 1 and 2 Samuel and 1 Kings 1-2.
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While everybody in the army had been looking on the giant with fear, David had been thinking out the best way for fighting him; and God had given to David a plan.

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She offers the food for David's men as a gift -- a bribe, if you will. She has one chance to turn David away from destroying Nabal and his household, and she gives it everything she has. She asks forgiveness for Nabal. Then she points to the certainty of David's kingship -- if he operates justly and doesn't have blood on his hands!

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And I am not afraid to fight with this Philistine."Then Saul put his own armor on David -- a helmet on his head, and a coat of mail on his body, and a sword at his waist.

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But David is a wily foe. He doesn't remain in one place, but decamps to the wilderness until his scouts tell him that Saul himself has arrived. David does some scouting himself, and sees Saul and his army sleeping and vulnerable. Back with his men, he finds his nephew Abishai willing to volunteer for the dangerous mission of infiltrating Saul's camp. Together the two sneak into Saul's camp. The narrator tells us:

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Scholars who wish to harmonize these accounts point out that Saul only asks who David's father is. The theory goes that David was doing double-duty in Saul's court as well as on the battlefield. Additionally, Saul had many young armor bearers. In the heat of battle, Saul simply forgot whose son he was and asked to be reminded. Perhaps he wanted to especially honor the young man's father. This was nothing more than a reminder because, previously, Saul had sent communication to David's father, and would have known who he was (16:19).

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The young warrior David doesn't take Saul's sword. Rather, he takes his shepherd's staff for close combat and his sling for longer range attack. On his way he stops at the stream-bed of Wadi es-Sant, to select five smooth sling-stones, which he deposits in the pouch at his waist.