A Bear Called Paddington story time

Paddington will feature on the packaging of over 6 million Half and Half products, which will also feature the name Warbeartons. Paddington himself will be sharing summer adventure tips with families across the county ahead of the summer holidays and, most importantly for little ones, families will get the chance to meet Paddington bear.

A Bear Called Paddington story time

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Badger from the Eighties TV series The Wind in the Willows (and the 1989 spin-off, Oh! Mr Toad), and the older version of Watson in the 1985 Chris Columbus film, The Young Sherlock Holmes, were both voiced by Sir Michael Hordern, the actor who voiced Paddington in all 56 episodes of the bear's original TV series.

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In 1994, a Paddington Bear stuffed toy was chosen by English tunnellers as the first item to pass through the Channel Tunnel to their French counterparts when the two sides were linked up.

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The earliest Paddington Bear toys were dressed in childrens' Dunlop wellies to ensure they stood up straight. However, Gabrielle designs had to produce their own boots - complete with paw prints moulded into the soles - after Dunlop struggled to keep up. By 1978, Gabrielle Designs were reaching the peak of their demand, having sold 87,000 in that year alone.

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In 2006, all the trout in a New Hampshire hatchery were found dead; the cause was a Paddington Bear toy blocking a pipe, causing the fish to be starved of oxygen.

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Paddington is everyone's favourite bear from Darkest Peru. In fact, Michael Bond's timeless classic has fans of all ages. So, if you're looking for a gift for a Paddington Bear lover, then look no further. We've a variety of Paddington Bears to delight all fans of this marmalade loving character. And to double the surprise you could always included one of our .

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Mick Young, a cabinet minister in Australian PM Bob Hawke's government, was forced to resign in 1986 after failing to declare the contents of his wife's luggage at customs. The bag he tried to avoid paying duty on included perfume, dolls, handbags, and a large Paddington Bear. The scandal became known as "The Paddington Bear affair".

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This Paddington bear toy is a classic gift suitable for most occasions, from birthdays to get well and is also a popular Christmas gift. Just order yours now.

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It's surprising that the earnest little chap wasn't given glasses. Bond wanted to Paddington to have "travelled all the way from darkest Africa", but was advised by his agent to change his country of origin due to the lack of bears in Africa. Instead, he picked Peru - home to the Spectacled Bear. Paddington later reveals that his Peruvian name is Pastuso, although he was relucant to reveal this at first for fear that nobody would be able to pronounce it.