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In Los Angeles, Special Agent Joe E. Cook climbed into an FBI helicopter, completed his preflight checklist, hoisted the aircraft into the air, and headed north by northwest. He had been told to bring a helicopter to South Lake Tahoe as soon as possible, where he would receive further instructions. He touched down in a prearranged spot in a ski resort parking lot just after 11:00pm, and his fellow agents approached, carrying large parcels. While agents strapped the bags inside the helicopter, another agent explained to Cook that he would be delivering a payoff for an extortion. Inside the packages was a quantity of cash taken from the Harvey’s cashier’s booth, but only a thin top layer, enough to satisfy a cursory inspection. Each leaf of legal tender sat atop a bundle of money-colored plain paper cut to the same size. Special Agent Cook was directed to fly to Lake Tahoe Airport, land near the phone booth, refuel, and await contact from the extortionist. As Cook lifted off, a gun-toting agent crouched hidden behind the pilot’s seat, tasked with keeping the pilot alive through whatever circumstances may arise.

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The story of a treacherous contraption that appeared mysteriously in a Lake Tahoe casino.

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i was in Tahoe the week after the explosion, and went over as close as you could get to the Casino to look at the damage. I has always been interesting to me that no one remembers this event. Before I read your story I thought this whole incident had been completely forgotten

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The FBI constructed a cutaway replica of Big John’s device to demonstrate its complexity for the jury—complete with all of the circuitry, booby traps, and triggers of the original, save the actual dynamite and blasting caps. On the witness stand, John Birges Sr. did admit to having built the bomb, but he claimed it was in self defense. He chronicled a dubious story wherein mafia-affiliated henchmen from Harvey’s had extorted him into constructing and delivering the device for insurance fraud—an extortion Ponzi scheme of sorts. The shadowy knuckle-crackers had given him an ultimatum, he claimed: Wreck the casino or we will wreck your bones. Whatever credibility he clung to disintegrated when it was revealed that he had stolen more explosives after the failed original extortion, with plans to repeat the plot using a homemade, self-propelled, remote-controlled bomb buggy. Jimmy Birges had led the FBI to where the new dynamite stash was buried in a dry creek bed.

Sep 15, 2017 · An Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the latest attack to rock Britain — the fifth this year — after a homemade bomb exploded in a packed London subway car Friday, sending panicked passengers fleeing for cover during the morning rush hour
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On 14 August 1981, FBI special agents once again brought 20-year-old John Jr. in for questioning. They told him that they knew that he had lied about his movements and whereabouts on 25-27 August of the prior year. They had a speeding ticket with his name on it from the morning after the bungled payoff, issued on the highway between Fresno and Lake Tahoe. The citation noted that he had been driving a gold Volvo and there had been two other men in the car with him. Agents also had the report for Joan Williams’ car accident on Ice House Road from the same morning, not far from the location that the helicopter had been instructed to land. They had a record for a hospital visit by Joan Williams in the same general area. Eyewitnesses placed John Jr. there as well. The agents were accusing him of making false declarations before a grand jury, a serious federal offense. His only chance to receive leniency from the U.S. Attorney, agents explained, would be to tell the FBI everything he knew about the bombing. Agents offered his brother Jimmy the same deal. This time the precision shaped charge worked: John and Jimmy left no bean unspilled. Their separate interviews did not contradict one another nor the available evidence in any meaningful detail. The following day, Big John and Joan were leaving their Fresno neighborhood in the gold Volvo when two unmarked sedans lunged to block the road just ahead of them. FBI agents emerged and arrested the couple on charges including attempting to interfere with commerce by threats of violence, interstate travel in aid of extortion, transportation of explosives in interstate commerce, and conspiracy to attempt extortion.

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‘Evan After’ touches on the premise that there is an awful lot happening around us that we either cannot detect, or cannot bring ourselves to believe.”Armed with an idea about writing a thriller that would incorporate these concepts, Grumley decided to explore the question: If you knew something dangerous that no one else did, how sure are you that you would do the right thing? Especially when at the risk of your own life.“My first book follows a group of marine biologists who make history by using a supercomputer to successfully translate the language of dolphins.

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