My brain and c-spine were normal except for the bulging disk.

More specifically we will require a history of your back and leg pain itself. What is the exact location of the pain? When did the problem begin? What does the pain feel like? Has your back been injured before? Have you previously been treated for back or leg pain?

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ago I started experiencing a tingling sensation in the middle of my back

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Fractures can occur anywhere along the spine. Five to ten percent occur in the cervical (neck) region. Sixty four percent occur in the thoracolumbar (low back) region, often at T12-L1.

they will start to feel a tingling sensation

Thoracic strain may occur when ligaments become torn or damaged within the cervical spine (the upper back). When excessive force is applied to a joint, the ligaments that hold the bones together may become torn or damaged. The seriousness of the sprain depends on how badly the ligaments are torn. Symptoms of thoracic sprain may include muscle spasms, pain that radiates to different zones of the body, stiffness, headaches, digestive issues, rib pain, and limited range of motion. Typically, conservative treatment of thoracic strain is effective. Treatment may include massage treatment, physical therapy, chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture, or medication.

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Whiplash is a common injury to the neck caused by hyperextension or rapid back and forth motion of the head - most often in a car accident. The jerking motion strains the muscles and ligaments of the neck and may cause the discs to bulge. Whiplash can lead to headaches, stiff muscles, or neck pain. It is important that a doctor examine a spine injury carefully. Whiplash is different than a spinal fracture or spinal cord injury and the symptoms usually improve with conservative treatment.

electric or tingling sensation.

Lateral spine fusion is a unique minimally invasive surgery for several reasons. First, the small incision is only 1 inch long near the waist. Second, its path to the spine is from the side. The surgeon uses dilation tubes to create a tunnel between the patient's abdominal organs in front and the strong spine muscles in back. Third, a nerve-monitoring probe guides the path to safely enlarge the tubular instruments without injuring the spinal nerves. Lateral fusion can be performed outpatient and patients often go home the same day.

with and x-ray then MRI of my spine…

Cervical strain, also known as neck strain, is an irritation and spasm of the upper back muscles and neck. These muscles support the head and allow the neck to move. When ligaments within the neck become torn or damaged, a strain becomes the result. Symptoms may include severe pain, tenderness, bruising, a feeling of tearing or popping, swelling, or a muscle spasm with stiffness and soreness in the neck. Generally, self-care alone may treat the injury. Treatment options include ice, massage, heat-pack, or physical therapy.

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Fractures of the spine most commonly occur in your mid-back (thoracic spine), lower back (lumbar spine) or at the connection of the two. Although those with fragile bones or a spine tumor may experience these types of fractures during daily activities; this type of fracture is normally caused by a high-impact accident. Men experience this type of fracture four times as often as women. The most common symptom is mild to severe back pain that gets worse with movement. Numbness, tingling, weakness or bowl/bladder issues may occur if the spinal cord has been fractured.

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There are different types of spine fractures. Spine fractures are classified by the fracture pattern and whether or not the spinal cord is involved. Three major classifications of mid-back and lower back fractures include: