With my 89, there was this maddening zigzag between quality and cheap. The dash was cheap feeling plastic, and look at that “Brougham” plastic nameplate on the rear quarter. But the leather in the seats in my car was absolutely first rate. It still looked beautiful at nearly 20 years old and over 100K miles by the time I was done with the car. Also, the outside door handles were the same Cadillac-only units that had been on my 63 Fleetwood, and just oozed of quality. These cars felt much heavier and more solid than the box Town Cars.

Solid Gold Cadillac by Howard Teichmann | …

The Solid Gold Cadillac - Turner Classic Movies
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Take a look at written paper - The SOlid Gold Caddilac.

From film buff and Cadillac nut, Philippe Ruel (France), comes this movie still from the Russ Meyers' erotic movie Beyond the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens (1979). Lots of "ordinary" cars featured, with the exception of this white 1963 sedan sitting outside a junk yard as the film's title man drives past in his GMC truck.

The Solid Gold Cadillac (1956) - IMDb

nice car although styling and performance wise I’ve thought this was a slight step down to the 1970 and earlier Cadillac’s, for some reason I always associate this era of the Cadillac Sedan Deville’s with the movie License To Drive with the two Corey’s.

The hit Broadway stage version of The Solid Gold Cadillac (1956), written by George S
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Cadillacs in the movies - The Classic Car-Nection

Movie buff, James R. King, adds: Philippe Ruel (French Cadillac buff and buddy) adds: the car skids out of control right in front of a cop car and suffers some damage that gets repaired/restored free of charge by an Elvis fan, in just one day!

ELVIS´ GOLD CADILLAC - Country Music Hall Of Fame

My son passed away last December and I inherited his 1992 Cadillac d’elegance. It is in a garage as we speak being assessed as to restoring it. He loved that car, owned it for 7 years, I will never part with it. Unfortunately I was never too interested in the car until now, it is white with white vinyl top lt blue on the bottom cladded with silver. He had wire rims in the trunk and had bought a gold grill for it so I am not sure what he was planning, but I read in a eulogy from one of his friends that some day they would be riding in his pearl white caddy in the sky so I would like to Repaint the whole thing in pearl white. It has white leather seats and blue carpet.

Elvis´Solid Gold Cadillac.

This from "Matt", CLC member and Cadillac (movie) enthusiast: There was a very funny movie called "It's a fine mess", about a bunch of mobsters at the race track. One of the tough guys has a red on white '76 Coupe Deville which gets stolen and then he buys a new gold Seville and while he and his pal are looking at the makeup mirror and fussing over the new car smell, they run a red light and ram right into his own stolen 76 Caddy coupe! This movie is very very funny!