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Fagg announced that Commander Rosendahl would preside over the board of inquiry to open tomorrow. Commander Rosendahl, together with the 200 members of the ground crew, which had started to walk the dirigible to its mooring place, narrowly escaped injury when the Hindenburg fell in flames. The catastrophe was witnessed by several hundred spectators, including several who had booked passage on the return trip of the Hindenburg to Germany, which had been scheduled to start at midnight tonight. Delayed on Voyage At the time of the crash, the Hindenburg was more than twelve hours late, having been due here at 6 o'clock this morning.

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Baltimore Center Stage: Skeleton Crew
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'Pirate' ship with skeleton crew for ..

THIS is a re-issue, up-dated and much more fully illustrated, of the bookfirst published in 1944 that released the hitherto top secret story ofwhat is surely the most dramatic and inspiring shipwreck and rescue dramaof all time.
The story is true in every particular, incredulous as many a reader islikely to find the amazing series of events related. There were some wholabelled it "the wildest fiction" when first they read it. Butit has stood the test of time. The incident that led to the participationin the drama of the Merchant Marines of several countries, the Britishand South African Navies, the South African Air Force, the South AfricanArmy, the South African Police and the South African Railways and HarboursAdministration,demanding from each of the men their utmost resources ofcourage, endurance, persistence, ingenuity, compassion and humanity, aswell as intelligence and muscle, took place midway through World War 2off the coast of South West Africa that is scheduled soon to become theindependent country of Namibia.
That particular part of the S.W.A./Namibia coast has been for centuriesfor all who knew it the most frightening piece of the Earth.
The story of the wrecking of the big British passenger liner Dunedin Starand the eventual rescue of her more than 100 passengers and crew, at thecost of other lives, another ship, a big aircraft, a number of army trucks,etc., has become known to millions since the book was first published,and is generally accepted to be the peer of true adventure stories so farto come out of Africa. Edition after edition of the original book camefrom the presses in English and in translations in Africa, England, theContinent of Europe and America, over a period of nearly a quarter of acentury. However, the last edition was sold out more than a decade ago,so this up-dated and expanded and generously illustrated re-issue is certainto be eagerly received.
Naval and military censorship ruled when the earlier editions of SkeletonCoast were published, and only a handfull of approved photos were obtainableto illustrate the book. But for this expanded re-issue a remarkable collectionof nearly 100 pictures, many of them history-making and of dramatic action,and most of them now published for the first time, has been assembled.

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Skeleton Crew Studio is a video game studio based in the heart of Kyoto, Japan. Our multinational team is from all around the globe - Europe, America, and Asia.

Skeleton Crew Studio is a video game studio based in the heart of Kyoto, Japan. Our multinational team is from all around the globe - Europe, America, and Asia.
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With Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Luke Wilson, Ty Burrell

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