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When an original work is made into a movie, I think they’re kind of at a disadvantage because they only have a few hours to get the whole story across while also keeping the viewer intrigued by what is taking place on the screen right in front of their eyes.

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Joe Hamel as Cyrano de Bergerac in a 2010 outdoor performance of the play in New York City.

courteous,affable, generous and liberal man.- Cyrano de Bergerac

Set in 1940s Manila, the play begins right before World War II. The cast is introduced in a theater — theaterception, if you will — and preparations for a sarswela are underway. The love triangle plays out its introduction, with the lead character Cyrano (played by Nicco Manalo), handsome new-man-in-town Christian (played by Fred Lo, alternating with Edward Benosa), and the love interest Roxane (played by KL Dizon). Cyrano is a cadet with the kind of wit and talent that wins on both Jeopardy and American Idol, and a way with words that could woo all the ladies in town — only thing is, he has a nose that challenges Pinocchio’s, which leaves his self-esteem six feet below the ground. Roxane is Cyrano’s pretty girl-next-door childhood friend, and Christian is handsome and buff (read: hot) but not quite bright. You can probably guess what happens next with this love story and predict it scene-by-scene until the end, but contrary to the famous words of Calvin Harris and Rihanna, this isn’t what you came for.

but I will climb alone.- Cyrano de Bergerac

What makes Mula sa Buwan different from Rostand’s original is its setting amid local history and culture. It explores the milieu right on the cusp of a world war coming to our shores: the anxiety, the optimism, the denial. It brings together the complications of love and war, packaged in relatable Filipino humor and eloquent, buttery words. What’s more is that you’ll find that the themes used in the play are, albeit set in the 1940s, still relevant to the issues we face today. Cyrano and his friends are in search of not just love, but an ideal — acause worth fighting for, a hometown that is progressive yet respectful to the past. In the play, the theater in which the cast is introduced in the first act is turned into a moviehouse by the third — a symbol of what we lose in the name of “progress.”

The Italian opera singer Pasquale Amato (1878-1942) as Cyrano de Bergerac.

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Le Bret and Raguneau come running back towards the convent, expecting to find Cyrano there. Le Bret says that Cyrano has killed himself by getting out of bed. Cyrano says that he has not finished giving Roxane his news of the outside world. He says that an hour before dinner on Saturday September 26, Cyrano de Bergerac was murdered when somebody dropped a log on him. He adds that he is now late for his own death.

moves the story of Cyrano de Bergerac to feudal Japan.

that Nature was made solely for their benefit,
as if it was conceivable that the sun had been set
afire merely to ripen men's apples and head their cabbages.
- Cyrano de Bergerac

Richard Roxburgh - Cyrano de Bergerac

As soon as they are left alone, Cyrano tells Christian to come to his arms and says that he admires his bravery. He says that his cousin Roxane's is in love with Christian and wants a love letter from him. Christian sadly says that he cannot write her a letter because he has no gift for words. Cyrano points out that Christian showed a great deal of wit in insulting him. Christian explains that he finds words easily enough when it comes to fighting but that he always falls silent when he is in front of a beautiful woman.

A Voyage to the Moon, by Cyrano de Bergerac, ..

Cyrano hears the sad and happy tunes being played again. The monk comes back. He insists that he is at Roxane's house. Cyrano claims to have misheard the name before. Roxane and Christian come out of the house. The monk gives Roxane a letter. It is from De Guiche. De Guiche writes that he has disobeyed Roxane. He will not be going to war. He is staying at the monastery and will come over to see Roxane soon. Roxane tells the monk that the letter asks him to marry Christian to her and says that he will receive twenty gold coins for the monastery if he does so. Cyrano is told to keep De Guiche busy for the fifteen minutes that it will take for the monk to perform the wedding ceremony.