There are 5 types of bones in the human body

Flat bones are as they sound, strong, flat plates of bone with the main function of providing protection to the bodies vital organs and being a base for muscular attachment. The classic example of a flat bone is the Scapula (shoulder blade). The Sternum (breast bone), Cranium (skull), os coxae (hip bone) Pelvis and Ribs are also classified as flat bones. Anterior and posterior surfaces are formed of compact bone to provide strength for protection with the centre consisiting of cancellous (spongy) bone and varying amounts of bone marrow. In adults, the highest number of red blood cells are formed in flat bones.

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The goal is to form sets of bones thatmay be laid aside and scored when all bones have been laid.
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What is the bone at both sides of the human head called

The centre of the bone shaft is hollow and known as the Medullary Cavity. This contains both red and yellow . Yellow bone marrow is mainly a fatty tissue, while the red bone marrow is where the majority of blood cells are produced. This is found in higher proportions in the flat and irregular bones.

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Place a ball/beanbag (the bone) in the middle of the playing area

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Silly Bone Broth Myths You Can Ditch Right Now | …

Bone broth is a good source of minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and your body can easily absorb it. It contains chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, which help reduce inflammation and joint pain. Properly prepared bone broth aids digestion, and muscle repair. On top of all that it tastes delicious, adds flavor to your dishes and is so much better than the MSG loaded kind you get at the store.

Medicare rules for bone density test

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