His vehicle is the swan or goose, the symbol of knowledge.

It is a symbol that points to an inference. The Linga is only theoutward symbol of the formless being, Lord Siva— Lord Siva incarnate, who isthe indivisible, all-pervading, eternal, auspicious, ever-pure, immortal essenceof this vast universe, who is the undying soul seated in the chambers of one'sheart, who is one's Indweller, innermost Self or Atman and who is identical withthe Supreme Brahman.

This image symbolizes thedivine activities of God.

Beyond this indispensable material aim, the cathedral should also be a symbol of Paradise.

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In the second part of the story, the chrysanthemums come to symbolize Elisa's femininity and sexuality. The portrait of Elisa caring for the flowers as though they are her children is clearly a feminine image, but her masculine image is also observed in her "hard-swept and hard-polished" home (240). This image is carried over into her relationship with her husband. Elisa feels that Henry doesn't recognize or appreciate her femininity, and this feeling causes her to be antagonistic towards him. There is an undercurrent of resentment towards her husband. Henry fails to see his short-comings, but Elisa fails to point them out to him. There is a distinct lack of harmony between them, which causes Elisa to become discontented with Henry. On observing her prize flowers, all Henry can say is, "I wish you'd work out in the orchard and raise some apples that big" (240). Henry's inability to understand Elisa's needs leaves her vulnerable in her encounter with the tinker. The meeting with the tinker renews Elisa's feelings of femininity and sexuality as a woman. Her resistance to his mundane matters disappears after the tinker romantically describes the chrysanthemums as a "quick puff of colored smoke"(243). By admiring the chrysanthemums, he figuratively admires her. The chrysanthemums symbolize her sexuality, and she "[tears] off the battered hat and [shakes] out her dark pretty hair"(243). With a few well-placed words from the tinker, her masculine image has been replaced with a feminine one. The tinker is a catalyst in Elisa's life. By giving him the red flower pot with the chrysanthemums, she gives him the symbol of her inner-self. She begins to feel hope for herself and her marriage as the tinker leaves. She sees a "bright direction" and a new beginning for her marriage. The encounter with the tinker gives Elisa hope and causes her to prepare for a more fulfilling life.

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The obvious associations of clay with Aminadab in the story would suggest that he acts as a symbol for all the imperfect, base qualities that render humans human.

The author examines this symbolism in one aspect of the cathedral: as a place where God dwells.


It would be good for you to always have a copy of this text at hand, and when you enter a church, to read it again to learn this symbolism until it becomes a habit for you to make these symbolic relationships.

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SERIALIZATION: Publication of a longer work piecemeal over a series of weeks or months (or years), often in periodicals like newspapers or magazines. Publishers might find specific works suitable for serial publication for a number of economic or practical reasons, ranging from maximizing sales profits (by charging more per unit than they could feasibly charge for the collective work--spreading out the purchase cost for the reader over time), minimizing risk (so publishers can terminate the literary project with only one or two short publications rather than the expense of publishing one massive tome if it proves unpopular), or simply allowing the author of unfinished works a chance to test the waters before completing the work. Examples of serialized works include Lewis' The Great Divorce, The Screwtape Letters, and Stephen King's The Green Mile.

was the capital of this people and also a symbol of the institution of the Church.

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Theshaft of the linga of Shiva is set in a circular base, called a"seat." It is the seat of that (shaki) personified as Shiva's andoften called by the proper name

Looking at the columns, remember that they are symbols of the Apostles or Prophets.

Symbols play a huge role in the Great Gatsby

Each is but asymbol that points to something beyond; and as none exhausts God's actualnature, the entire array is needed to complete the picture of God's aspects andmanifestations.

This misunderstandingarises when people fail to grasp the symbolism of the Hindu pantheon.

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SEHNSUCHT: Duriez discusses the idea in two senses. (1) In medieval German literature and Scandinavian ballads, an inconsolable longing brought about by natural or artistic beauty--especially for something unobtainable. In continental medieval literature, this is often embodied by the symbol of a blue flower. (2) A yearning or longing that leads on to joy, which C.S. Lewis argued was an important feature of fantasy literature, creating places, creatures otherworlds, wonderlands that serve as "regions of spirit" that ironically help us to better connect with the real world of nature (Duriez 102) C.S. Lewis felt that fantasy literature centered around sehnsucht.