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I have been working with National Heritage Conservation Commission on several GIS projects as an intern on voluntary basis. These projects are identified and funded by the institution and it’s partners. One such project is the retrospective inventory of the Victoria Falls World Heritage Site Boundary Mapping requested by the World Heritage Centre UNESCO Headquarters in Paris France. This was a mapping exercise for the world heritage site funded by National Heritage Conservation Commission. GIS experts from SCGIS Zambia Chapter helped in developing the procedures and defining the tasks of GIS in the project apart from mentorship.

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Electronic interception appeared as early as 1900, during the Boer War of 1899-1902

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This course instructs new and experienced officers in the efficient, safe, and legal protocols for developing, managing, and deploying confidential informants in narcotics cases. Officers will be taught to identify and avoid potential “problem” informants and integrity issues. Developing and using a variety of informants, such as informants working off a new arrest, a sentence reduction, jail and prison inmates, probationers, parolees, paid informants, other officers’ informants, and other categories, will be covered in this class. Briefing, debriefing, and interviewing informants will be instructed. The registration process, cooperation letters, informant contracts, payment paperwork, informant testimony, and other topics will be covered in this class. Officer safety, informant safety, and informant integrity will be emphasized.

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Imagery Intelligence DEFINITION. 7-1. IMINT is intelligence derived from the exploitation of imagery collected by visual photography, infrared, lasers, multi-spectral sensors, and radar. These sensors produce images of objects optically, electronically, or digitally on film, electronic display devices, or other media. ROLE. 7-2.

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began her career at MGP in 2013 and is the primary GIS Specialist in the City of Des Plaines. She has carried out an impactful role in her time at MGP by creating a strong focus for maintaining good data quality standards.

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This component of CCA provides judges with information to assist the court in making the best bond/release decisions for arrestees financially unable to make bail while awaiting trial. If released to Pretrial Services, defendants are supervised in the community to ensure compliance with the conditions of release as ordered by the court or magistrate, to refrain from criminal behavior and to help ensure the defendant’s appearance in court at all related court hearings. Defendants are supervised until the case is adjudicated by the Court. Optional services are determined by the court or magistrate and may include house arrest, electronic monitoring and drug and/or alcohol assessment, random testing and treatment.

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U.S. military doctrine also neglected the critical battlefield role of tanks supporting infantry assaults against enemy defenses. The U.S. Army initially preferred to keep its tanks grouped in large divisions as armored cavalry ready to exploit breakthroughs by charging into the enemy’s rear — a role that was well-suited for the mobile and rugged Sherman tank. By comparison, the Germans, British and Soviets all developed a second class of heavier infantry-support tanks separate from the first class of cavalry tanks. Such infantry-support tanks, such as the German Tiger tanks, required heavier armor to survive direct assaults against enemy defenses consisting of anti-tank guns.

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GIS and mapping software play a central role in the geographic decision making of cities, government, universities, military, environmental studies, and numerous institutions world wide.

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Evidence of this contribution as a Geologist and Geoscientist is demonstrated by his distinguished Fellowship of the Nigerian and Geosciences Society (FNMGS) and Fellow membership of the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (FNAPE).