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Towards the end of the build, the project manager must sign everything off, check that the build is in-line with all the regulations set out at the start and make sure that all the loose ends are tied up, including final payments and the financing.

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As a nurse manager, you should take advantage of local resources and brag about your nurses every chance you get. Organizations do not brag enough about all the accomplishments that their nursing staff is able to complete, whether it’s meeting patient safety goals or recognizing operating room nurses who just received their OR certification. Use this figure to get some bragging going on in your local community newspapers.

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A simple way to find out what motivates staff—and crucially what will make them stay—is to ask them. As a manager it is important that you keep a finger on the pulse of why they are leaving, but more importantly, why they are staying. Use this survey to get an understanding of how to improve nurse retention at your facility.

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Once the initial set up, planning and has been completed, the build can begin and the role of a project manager changes. Choosing and hiring the right contractors for the build at the right time and choosing the right suppliers is a major part of the job. Materials have to turn up on time, as do the tradesmen; the last thing you want are plasterers on site but with no walls ready for them! This involves a lot of background research to find reputable organisations and getting quotes.

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Once the finance and budget have been put in place the project manager has to work closely with the architect or designer to finalise the design of the home. This is a crucial stage as every detail will have to looked at closely and costed to make sure that everything will come in on budget and on time. If the project manager has been hired by the client, then the client has to fully understand what the plans mean and how the home will look and feel.

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A budget manager is accountable for the financial integrity of his or her academic department or administrative office. Financial integrity is maintained by careful attention and adherence to the unit’s budgets within the university’s financial reporting system. Budget managers are responsible for ensuring that the expenses of the accounts managed do not exceed the unit’s allocated budget.

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You can ease a charge nurse's transition into the new role by assigning a preceptor devoted to assuring that the charge nurse receives the necessary education for that new role. A preceptor should attend your facility's preceptoship program and should posess excellent communication and leadership skills, as well as mentorship and coaching capabilities. At the end of orientation and precepted time, have your charge nurses evaluate the preceptor and use the feedback to make changes to your program as needed.

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As the build progresses the project manager has to be responsible for coordination and communication. No matter how well the planning went things will go wrong, get delayed and plans will need to be tweaked. The project manager must deal with all the mishaps and hiccups and keep the build running smoothly. For this the project manager must be highly organised and be aware of exactly what’s happening with the build and what implications any delays have on future plans and budgets. Any changes need to be communicated to all the relevant parties.