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Prince is publicly wringing his hands over the fact that his movements as a private citizen were being monitored by the government, but this is hardly shocking: He was under criminal investigation. Indeed, the Intercept article said most of his business associates were warned by the government to cease doing business with him. Everyone who knows Prince must assume he's on the radar of every intelligence service in the world at this point.

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In Chapter XXV, Machiavelli discusses the role of fortune in determining human affairs.
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Prince Harry is taking on a major new role for the monarchy.

He discussed possible government appointees with people in the private sector, one person said. Prince himself told several people that while he was not offering his advice in any official capacity, his role was significant.

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The details of this investigation are astonishing. According to Scahill and Cole, as recently as January Prince was working on this mercenary project, which includes alleged money laundering for the Libyan government through a Chinese investment bank. The source with close knowledge of Prince's activities told the Intercept, “If Erik is fucking around with the Chinese, I don’t even want to imagine what the U.S. government is thinking about." This is the same time period during which, according to , Prince met with a representative of Russian President Vladimir Putin to establish a secret back channel of communication with President Trump. He's a busy guy.

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Machiavelli's arguments in favor of republican regimes also appeal tohis skeptical stance toward the acquisition of virtùby any single individual, and hence the implication that a trulystable principality may never be attainable. The effect of theMachiavellian dichotomy between the need for flexibility and theinescapable constancy of character is to demonstrate an inherentpractical limitation in single-ruler regimes. For the reader isreadily led to the conclusion that, just because human conduct isrooted in a firm and invariant character, the rule of a single man isintrinsically unstable and precarious. In the Discourses,Machiavelli provides a psychological case that the realities of humancharacter tends to favor a republic over a principality, since theformer “is better able to adapt itself to diverse circumstances than aprince owing to the diversity found among its citizens”(Machiavelli 1965, 253).

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Meanwhile, Machiavelli's enforced retirement led him to otherliterary activities. He wrote verse, plays, and short prose, penned astudy of The Art of War (published in 1521), and producedbiographical and historical sketches. Most importantly, he composed hisother major contribution to political thought, the Discourses onthe Ten Books of Titus Livy, an exposition of the principles ofrepublican rule masquerading as a commentary on the work of the famoushistorian of the Roman Republic. Unlike The Prince, theDiscourses was authored over a long period of time (commencingperhaps in 1514 or 1515 and completed in 1518 or 1519, although againonly published posthumously in 1531). The book may have been shaped byinformal discussions attended by Machiavelli among some of the leadingFlorentine intellectual and political figures under the sponsorship ofCosimo Rucellai.

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Working with a small cadre of loyalists — including a former South African commando, a former Australian air force pilot, and a lawyer with dual citizenship in the U.S. and Israel — Prince sought to secretly rebuild his private CIA and special operations enterprise by setting up foreign shell companies and offering paramilitary services.