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Not Peace but a Sword: The Great Chasm Between Christianity and Islam
By Robert Spencer

Catholic Answers Press, 2013
Hardcover, 251 pages

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If marriage is a mirror of religion, what does it reveal Christianity and Islam to be?

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Classical Islam teaches that Christians, Jews, Sabeans and Zoroastrians who refuse to become Muslims when Dar al-Harb is being turned into Dar al-Islam must be subdued and forced to pay jizya, a special poll tax, and acknowledge the supremacy of Islam.

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Much of Not Peace but a Sword is taken up with an examination of questions about Christianity and Islam that are largely left unexamined by theologians and dialoguers. They are not especially complex questions and one suspects they are not addressed mainly because Christian dialoguers do not wish to give offence to Muslims. Many of those who are involved in interfaith dialogue seem more committed to the process of dialogue than to understanding the realities of Christian-Muslim difference. As a perusal of the interfaith dialogue websites reveals, harmony rather than honesty seems to be the order of the day.

It changed Judaism, determined the fate of the Jewish people and gave rise to Christianity.

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Similarly the Laskar Jihad’s genocidal campaign in Indonesia in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries sought to cleanse certain areas of Christians by killing them, expelling them or forcing them to convert to Islam.

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Today everyone can say that precisely this Hellenistic-Roman is the fundamental cause of those concepts which are similar between Christianity and paganism, concepts that are then elaborated differently in various ways.

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Early Christians were called Jewish Christians because their membership consisted largely of Jews who had joined them and followed their beliefs and teachings. They believed Jesus was a prophet who had tried to make people more aware of the intent of the Pentateuch and had tried to intensify the application of its laws. The Pentateuch was of great importance to them and they kept its laws, keeping the sabbath and performing circumcision.

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As noted, most studies on the relationship between science andreligion have focused on science and Christianity, with only a smallnumber of publications devoted to other religious traditions (e.g.,Brooke and Numbers 2011). Relatively few monographs pay attention tothe relationship between science and religion in non-Christian milieus(e.g., Judaism and Islam in Clark 2014). Since western science makesuniversal claims, it is easy to assume that its encounter with otherreligious traditions is similar to the interactions observed inChristianity. However, given different creedal tenets (e.g., in Hindutraditions God is usually not entirely distinct from creation, unlikein Christianity and Judaism), and because science has had distincthistorical trajectories in other cultures, one can expect disanalogiesin the relationship between science and religion in differentreligious traditions. To give a sense of this diversity, this sectionprovides a bird’s eye overview of science and religion inChristianity, Islam, and Hinduism.

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A remnant of Jews kept alive the knowledge of the social laws of the Pentateuch. They gained motivation, numbers and strength by rallying round and following the teachings of Jesus (Teacher of Righteousness) in spite of opposition from the religious establishment. Christian beliefs were spreading largely among Jews, and Christianity was a group within Judaism. These Jews came together to follow the word of God.