The "Third Reich," of course, had no Emperor.

These local leaders and their retinues begin to form a warrior classdistinct from the people of their territory.The local leaders who emerged during the decay of the Carolingian Empirewere generally armed men, particularly armed men mounted on horseback andpossessing a fortified residence.

Carolingians of Lorraine were not alone as the last Carolingians.

Without otherwise going outside of Francia, we certainly see enough emperors.
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They became the ancestors of all the German Emperors until Conrad IV.

The Popes then regarded themselves as hostages in the Vatican until, of all people, Mussolini worked out a treaty in 1929 establishing the independence and boundaries of the Vatican City.
After Napoleon III allowed himself to be tricked into declaring war on Prussia, and then abdicated after disastrous defeat, France, although few would have guessed it at the time, was through with both Kings and Emperors.

They defeated the Emperor at the Battle of Legnano in 1176.

Reenlistment and career service can lead to retirement at the Legion's own soldiers home.
The French Second Empire developed when Napoleon's nephew, Louis Napoleon, transformed himself from the President of the Second Republic to the Emperor of the Second Empire.

The only Empires external to Francia evident here are Mexico and that of Italy in .
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perform its functions and when it cannot prevent the rise of local ..

The use of red in the various coats of arms and banners of the Empire often signified this , as we see in the early banners of the Free Cities of Hamburg, Lübeck, and Danzig -- although Danzig itself was otherwise subject to the , signified by the crosses, and then to .

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The Emperors actually crowned by the Pope are indicated in the genealogical diagrams by a little yellow (Papal) nimbus around the cross of their Imperial Crown -- -- while those never crowned are shown without the nimbus.

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This authority was extended to the Free Cities of the Empire, and to the Canton of Schwyz in 1240 (which became the core and the eponym of the Confederation).

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Eventually, the Emperors found themselves with no business and no interest in Italy, so in 1508 Maximilian I got permission from the Pope to call himself "Imperator electus." This became the official title on election from then on, and is in effect retroactively applied to the earlier uncrowned Emperors, just because we commonly call them "Emperors," which they would not have been by the practice of their own day.

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At least to superficial inspection, however, the German upheaval had far more horrible and dramatic effects, the deaths of millions upon millions of people, both soldiers and civilians, including deliberate attempts at genocide, the shattering of Empires, and the passing into and out of existence of small nations.

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Consequently, so as to assert their claim without the presumption of prematurely calling themselves "Emperor," the Kings of the Eastern Franks began to call themselves "King of the Romans" () on election.