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With a marked decrease the in productive population, the contribution of labour input to economic growth could subside. In addition, if the savings rate in the country starts to fall with declining wage earners and an increasing percentage of aged population, investment and hence contribution of capital input to growth could wane, thereby affecting long-term growth potential. Also, as population size decreases, a prolonged period of stagnation could return. A smaller workforce will also contribute less to the country's tax collections, as an ageing population pressurises on the fiscal front.

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To clear the air as well as its record, the paper tried to explain how Blair's fraud went unnoticed even as he attracted in-house attention logging nearly 50 corrections in four years, and despite his metro editor, Jonathan Landman, sending newsroom administrators an e-mail last spring that, according to the Times story, read: "We have to stop Jayson from writing for the Times.

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In retrospect, knowing what we know now, it's reasonable to doubt a lot of elements of that."With that retrospect, the Times rues the day it hired Jayson Blair.

Hanafin was dumbfounded after hearing of Blair's deceit and reported record of nearly 50 corrections in four years at the New York Times.
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"If there had been this volume of corrections during his summer here as there had been at the New York Times, believe me, I wouldn't have forgotten that." A search of the newspaper's archives turned up one correction and one clarification for reporting on Blair's more than 80 Globe stories.

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As for Blair's disorganization--Reid, the assistant dean, remembers Blair being constantly flustered, almost comically so, leaving papers, books, things he needed all over the school, to the point that found items became known as "Jayson droppings." Reid speculates that Blair's Attention Deficit Disorder contributed to his messy lifestyle, if not his messy reporting--at least when it came to his fact errors.

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Whatever help he needs, I hope he gets it."n 1998 Macarena Hernández, along with Jayson Blair and two other students, was a chosen one, invited to the New York Times for arguably the most prestigious summer internship in journalism.

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In 1955, the economist Simon Kuznets used a study with scant data to suggest that, as a nation's GDP grows, inequality first rises, then levels off, and ultimately starts to fall. Even though Kuznets warned that his work was 95% speculation, his findings were immortalized as "the Kuznets Curve"- resembling an upside-down U - and has been taught to every economics student for the past half century. The message of that curve is that, when it comes to inequality, it has to get worse before it can get better, and more growth will make it better. The Kuznets Curve became a justification for trickle-down economics and for enduring austerity today.

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"We were impressed with the candor of that response."Raines says that Times editors were pleasantly surprised, then, when, after Blair was offered a 1998 internship, he hit it off with the staff, interns to boot.

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"He had told people he wanted to be the first intern on the front."hen the New York Times checked references on promising intern candidate Jayson Blair, Executive Editor Howell Raines says editors talked to the Boston Globe.