An excellent history of the native peoples of Florida.

In Hardy's original conception, Venn retains his weird reddleman's character, while Thomasin lives out her days as a widow. Underlying these modern themes, however, is a classical sense of tragedy: Hardy scrupulously observes the three unities of time, place, and action and suggests that the struggles of those trying to escape their destinies will only hasten their destruction. Eustacia, who manipulates fate in hopes of leaving Egdon Heath for a larger existence in Paris, instead becomes an eternal resident when she drowns in Shadwater Weir; Wildeve shares not only Eustacia's dream of escape, but also her fate; and Clym, the would- be educational reformer, survives the Weir but lives on as a lonely, remorseful man. Some critics. In Egdon Heath, most people (particularly the women) look askance at the proud, unconventional Eustacia. Yeobright considers her too odd and unreliable to be a suitable bride for her son, and Susan Nunsuch, who frankly believes her to be a witch, tries to protect her children from Eustacia's supposedly baleful influence by stabbing her with a stocking pin and later burning her in effigy.

: The native etymology of present-day place-names in Florida.

: Thorough reference book about the Native American tribes of Florida.

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The two meet on Guy Fawkes night, and Wildeve asks her to run off to America with him. She demurs. Eustacia drops Wildeve when Mrs. Yeobright's son Clym, a successful diamond merchant, returns from Paris to his native Egdon Heath.

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Here are descriptions and pictures of some of the Native American house stylesthe people developed over the years to fit these needs.

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Muscogee Nation of Florida:
PO Box 3028
Bruce, FL 32455

Perdido Bay Tribe of Lower Muscogee Creeks:
12533 Polonious Pkwy
Pensacola, FL 32506

Choctaw Nation of Florida:
Post Office Box 6322
Constitution Lane
Marianna, FL 32447

Feel free to print these out for classroom use!

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: Information on the pre-Seminole tribes of southern Florida.
: Maps of Florida Indian reservations at different points in history.
: Historical profiles of the Indian tribes native to Florida.
: History of the Miccosukee, Creek and Seminole Indians in Florida, with many pictures.
: Online information about Paleo-Indian artifacts and archaeology in Florida.

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Adobe houses (also known as pueblos) are Native American house complexes used by the Pueblo Indians of the Southwest.

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The two young men show very different attitudes towards the spirit world. One is oblivious to the woman’s power, and is reduced to bones by this encounter with spirit for which he is totally unprepared. Joseph Epes Brown, in , quotes the famous Lakota medicine man Black Elk’s explanation of the foolish man’s fate: ‘Any man who is attached to the senses and to the things of this world, is one who lives in ignorance and is being consumed by the snakes which represent his own passions.’

Longhouses are Native American homes used by the Iroquois tribes and some of their Algonquian neighbors.

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The Ghost Dance religion, which tragically led to the Wounded Knee Massacre, had as one of its aims the restoration of the buffalo. It met with failure, but there is a prophecy, believed by many modern Lakota, that when four white buffalo have been born, then the old ways will return and the earth will be saved. White Buffalo Woman herself, in the myth, promises to return ‘at the end’.

Big Cypress Indian Reservation is the largest, but the Hollywood Reservation is wherethe seat of the Seminole government is located.

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Whereas Greek myths were shaped and ordered by classical authors, few Native American myths were written down before the late 19th century. Thus the apparent inconsistencies of the right-brain oral tradition are still very much present.