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Though Pater’s Renaissance may seem to be aimed in the first instance at a small and elite group of male readers, the book’s message of liberation—when “the imagination feels itself free” (88-89)—offered an idea of aesthetic, erotic, and intellectual freedom to any potential viewer with the right kind of artistic education.

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This non-normative masculinity was reflected in the new popular identity of the aesthete, whose sexual dissidence functioned as part of a broader rebellion against middle-class cultural norms.If The Renaissance presents Winckelmann as a new ideal type of manhood, that type also entails a passionate commitment to art and an artistic lifestyle.

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When at the beginning of the fifteenth century the medieval world crumbled, the Italians had their Classical past to fall back on and as a result they were able to take the lead in that artistic and intellectual movement which much later became known as the Renaissance.

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