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Sexual violence and other forms of gender-based violence are inextricably linked to the spread of HIV and AIDS. Nearly 60% of the reported cases are women and girls, and many have reported associated sexual violence and abuse against them. As part of the national response to the HIV epidemic, the National AIDS Council Secretariat (NACS) in PNG in partnership with UN Women has undertaken the initiative to mainstream gender equality and promote human rights of women and girls and sexual minorities in the coordination, management and monitoring of programs with implementing partners. The Minister responsible for Health and HIV/AIDS pledges to continue to support NACS, its partners and stakeholders to ensure gender equality and respect for human rights are mainstreamed and productively pursued in all aspects of their work.

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BeLonG To Executive Director, Moninne Griffith Appointed Chair of Gender Recognition Act Review

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Thailand commits to develop national strategy, amend laws, and review school curricula to prevent and end violence against women

Thailand commits to taking the following actions to prevent and respond to all forms of violence against women and girls: Develop national strategy on the prevention and elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls, with multi-sectoral and multidisciplinary approaches; Review, revise, and amend laws pertaining to violence against women and girls; take urgent measures, including capacity building of related officials, to adopt and accelerate the implementation of comprehensive legal frameworks to ensure effective protection and access to justice with gender sensitivity for survivors; Carry out community mobilization by means of increasing the potential of a mechanism in communities to be a comprehensive and systematic centre for protection, assistance, recovery of survivors, and surveillance of violence against women and girls; and Review school curricula and educational programmes and instructional materials, to integrate gender issues and human rights in formal, informal and nonformal education at all levels, in order to transform values related to gender stereotypes, beliefs, behaviours, and attitudes that condone violence against women and girls, and to promote specialized training of teachers and educational personnel to foster a culture of gender equality and respect for human rights, which is the foundation of a gender equal society.

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The Government of Tajikistan commits to end violence against women and girls

The National Committee on Family and Women under the Government of Tajikistan as the lead responsible agency for coordination and implementation of gender equality policy in the country has committed to continue its efforts for prevention of violence against women and girls via effective implementation of the National Strategy on Activation of the Women’s Role for the Years 2011-2020. As part of the activities within the implementation of the National Strategy, the Committee on Women and Family Affairs will continue to enhance the quality and access to state services for domestic violence survivors by strengthening the capacities of the state service providers and by conducting activities aimed at prevention of violence against women and girls. The Committee will ensure the implementation of the recently adopted Law on Domestic Violence. More specifically, it will focus on enhancing the legal and institutional framework to combat violence against women, strengthening the capacities of crisis centers to work with cases of violence against women and improving data collection on violence against women. The Committee will ensure the participation of women and girls in all levels of the decision-making process and create the conditions and opportunities to ensure women’s employment in all sectors.

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Furthermore, under the current National Plan for Gender Equality and the Law on Crime Prevention, Belarus will implement concrete measures to address and prevent domestic violence and develop a new law to counter domestic violence. During the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence, Belarus has launched a nationwide public awareness and educational campaign ‘A house without violence’ aimed at preventing domestic violence. The first stage of this campaign is promoting the recently launched toll-free hotline for victims of domestic violence. The Government of Belarus commits to develop a comprehensive national system of response to gender violence, which will include increased number of crisis rooms and improved medical, social and legal services for survivors and measures to combat male aggressive behaviour.

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To accelerate progress towards the elimination of female genital mutilation (FGM), the Commission and the EEAS will hold a public consultation to help shape the internal and external aspects of EU policy in this field. In 2013 the Commission will also conduct and support awareness raising activities at EU and national levels. It will support transnational projects to combat violence against women at grass-root level and continue to support these activities through the future rights equality and citizenship programme covering 2014-202.

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Through clips from films like 'A lively affair' (1912), 'A busy day' (1914), and 'What 80 million women want' (1913), the film raises key issues about the struggle for gender equality and the portrayal of women in the media, which remain as fascinating, engaging, and relevant today as yesterday.