I, personally, am all for legalizing medical marijuana.

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Marijuana has been used for medical purposes as early as 2737 B.C.

The benefits of legalizing marijuana for medical purposes outweigh the cons.

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For years marijuana has been referred to as a bad drug but just recently people are now understanding that marijuana has so many uses towards medicine.

Other Potential Reasons Why Young People Use Marijuana

The federal government should legalize the use of medical marijuana because it does not inflict the harm critics claim, it possesses known medical qualities, and it can generate billions of dollars for the economy....

The debate about medicinal marijuana has occurred for years in the United States.

pot either for medical or recreational reasons.

The House and Senate are reviewing the medical marijuana laws, but citizens need to vocalize there support for these initiatives not only at the state level but at there respective local government.

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Whether or not marijuana should be prohibited requires a prudential judgment on the part of legislators and the people themselves. Making this judgment requires weighing what justice requires, what is in the interest of those who will abuse the drug whether it is legal or prohibited, what the consequences for respect for the rule of law will be when some refuse to obey the law, and more.

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Proponents of legalization argue that the current system has led to the overcrowding of prisons with people whose only fault was possessing marijuana illegally. The truth is that the vast majority of inmates in state and federal prisons whose offenses involve marijuana are either serving time for distribution or for additional offenses beyond marijuana possession. of federal and state prison inmates are in jail for possession alone, and many of these sentences were the result of plea bargains leading to the dismissal of more serious offenses.

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Top 10 Reasons Why People Use Medical Marijuana

According to Lauter, California has the largest market for medical marijuana in the U.S, which is illegal under the federal laws under the Controlled Substances Act....

Marijuana has also been used therapeutically for the common disease asthma (Ashton).

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Witness the drawbacks of marijuana legalization in Colorado. As the attorney general of Nebraska earlier this year, marijuana sold legally in Colorado (which legalized recreational use in 2012) reaches a substantial majority of the states in the union. Colorado has almost no protection against non-Colorado residents purchasing marijuana in the state, leading to law enforcement headaches for neighboring states like Nebraska, which still seek to enforce federal law.

A common argument today is why marijuana should be legalized for medicinal purposes.

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Many people may be worried about the expanding coverage of medical marijuana laws but through proper regulation the end result will provide for a safer environment for patients, citizens, and law enforcement, while weeding out the criminal element with ties to drug trafficking...