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– In The Birth of a Nation, an ex-slave leads a resistance movement to liberate his 1831 African-American brothers in Virginia. Nat Turner (Nate Parker) is a liberated, former slave. 1831 (ie before the American Civil War from 1861 to 1865) he gathers a group of people around him. In a Liberation movement he wants to call to rebellion and break the bonds of African Americans who are subjugated Virgina. The Birth of a Nation but instead of his enslaved fellow sufferers to bring his action the desired immediate freedom, provoked his rebellion an extremely violent response of the white slave owners. The African-American actor Nate Parker returned with The Birth of a Nation Rebellion to freedom from his film debut and also took the same even the main role. He also wrote the script to his story. After Steve McQueen had revived his 2014 Oscar-winning drama 12 Years a Slave, interest in slave stories, Nate Parker was quickly enthusiastic African American Actor for his project win, among them Gabrielle Union (Top Five), Aunjanue Ellis (The Help) and Jeryl Prescott (The Skeleton key). The initiated by Nat Turner slave rebellion there was actually. After a religious vision of the ex-Skalve Commission initiated in August 1831 in Southampton County in the way. The Birth of a Nation Turner and about 70 more rebellious slaves killed in the course of their survey about 60 people in Virginia, before the group was broken up within a few days. The Birth of a Nation The state then straightened for fear of further unrest 56 slaves out also more than 100 African Americans were killed in the area by the violent military intervention. In January 2016 Birth of a Nation won the Sundance Film Festival in the race for the best drama two coveted prizes: the Audience Award and the Grand Jury Prize. Nate Parker The Birth of a Nation should not the 1915 rotated epic early work Birth of a Nation (OT: The Birth of a Nation) of D.W. Griffith be confused, which the American Civil War, including racial unrest and Ku Klux Klan was shown – even if Nate Parker not chose the title of his film groundless. The Birth of a Nation The auditorium was packed, when the lights went, and it was not long until the film unfolded its effect; Present reported that they had heard repeatedly crying in the audience, because “Birth of a Nation” is not suppressed by the cruelties of slavery. When the lights came back on, you could watch the scouts of the big film distributors, as they frenetically traktierten their smartphones, because this movie was a blast, was Oscar material had to be purchased. Some other, however, who had called on her cell phone the Wikipedia entry to director Nate Parker, the enthusiasm of a dubious mien gave way.

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– Me Before You In the novel adaptation A whole half a year of Jojo Moyes between a rich man in a wheelchair and his nurse develops a budding romance. Me Before YouIn the book adaptation A whole half a year of rich businessman Will Traynor (Sam Claflin) lands after a motorcycle accident a paraplegic in a wheelchair and loses his courage. Neither his friends nor his parents and his personal caregiver (Stephen Peacocke) can pull it out of the hole of depression, in which he has fallen after the accident. Lou Clark (Emilia Clarke), however, comes from a small town, adheres only with great difficulty financially afloat and drifting from one job to the next. You do not know if she feels something for her boyfriend Patrick. Me Before You As Lou and Will meet, two worlds meet. They developed a friendship and Lou developed makes it his mission to prove Will that his life is still worth living in a wheelchair. A whole half a year is based on the novel by Jojo Moyes, to the author in 2012 published as her ninth book, which bears the title Me before you. For the adaptation of the work for the big screen the authors duo Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber is responsible. The two had previously been the books The Fault in Our Stars (2014) and Margo prepared tracks (2015) the writer John Green for the cinema. In addition, the script for the film Me Before You version of The Spectacular Now’s (2013, based on a book by Tim Tharp) to their account. With 500 Days of Summer (2009) Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber demonstrated, moreover, that they themselves could develop substances, responded the youth. In their adaptation of the novel A whole half a year to a writer, the author Jojo Moyes also himself was involved. Me Before You For the lead roles in a whole half a year, the filmmakers were able Emilia Clarke (Terminator 5: Genisys) and Sam Claflin (The Hunger Games – Catching Fire) win. Supporting Actor Charles Dance and Emilia Clarke were seen both in Game of Thrones. Me Before You Literally vibrates, sucked entourbillonnée (lyricism inspires new words sometimes) by a fluid narrative, simple and perfectly controlled, I am unable to escape a first sleepless night, followed by other hours when feverish, cross my bed where I hold a sacred flu, I am completely unable to let go … No romance, of course, she is invented and beautiful, sensitive without being cutesy. No, this is real, this is the complexity of the relationships between the characters, their relationships with others, to their own, as the familiar to the unknown. Me Before You Despite the banality of connections between people, a force emerges and envelops you, seduces you. Lou, 27, who forgot to develop their skills by merely be a waitress in a boozer where his brain could comfortably remain on “pause” for six years, is following a dismissal, the caregiver Will , a London ex-Golden-boy paraplegic after an ordinary traffic accident. Without any training or personal experience of disability, Lou will be suddenly catapulted into a tetanizing universe (this is the case to say!) Me Before You Where it will have no mark and where it will have to face its own social handicaps: handicap relationships with members of his family, especially his younger sister Katrina, and emotional disabilities with Patrick, his companion whose non-bridled passion for sport irreversibly warms their married life. The relationship between Lou and patient will have, in turn, evolve and find their way in a tense family situation, a medical oppressive environment and an isolated and depressing decor, the Annex, housing fully adapted to life wheelchair and that is nothing but a cage. Born of misunderstanding attention, silence arise laboriously dialogue and social ties, the drama will triumph rational cynicism of a shattered existence. The questions posed to society the work (instead of disability in our civilization, isolation and dependence invalid, generations of conflict, social, filial relationships, economic ills, the precarious balance of the married life …) are handled with finesse and sensitivity that have me completely and permanently seduced. Monumental, energetic and unexpected movie Me Before You.

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– Dhanak Eight Shorty (Krish Chhabaria) eyes her older sister Angel (Hetal coined) is. Sister brother Salman Khan and would have liked. On his way to school is the only means of both cutting way by making the hero Salman or Shah Rukh Khan recite fiction. Election of storytelling in which a coin is often shorty wins. Nagesh Kukunoor also the way to go because the film Dhanak has taken the moving stories of Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan appears to be the hero in the end. Shorty Angel promises that his ninth birthday before she will make her right eye. Eyes fix on the insistence of his brother heads out on a journey. Soje without. If the film Dhanak is very philosophically speaking it is a story of courage. Oldster could take any decision. The law is vague and uncertain journey. So if you want to get something without thinking of anything, just go with the innocence of the child to fall out. Dhanak Nagesh has shown very carefully wicked aunt. Without parents in children’s lives could be nothing worse than, perhaps, is the secret of fairy courage. Dhanak The two children who acted as if they grew up in the same environment. Krish seriously imitates his own Hetal are then communicatively. If water is in the eyes of many scenes that are laugh at the dialogue. After the break, the film is of course a little rumble. Nagesh probably because in the mind of the viewer will be commercial. Nagesh atmosphere, dialogue and music is very hard on all three. It is worthwhile to view the film will not be disappointed. Hyderabad Blues (1998), Iqbal (2005) and Door (2006), who made films like Nagesh Kukunoor again in tone. Dnk means rainbow. But in the center of the story Shorty (Agriculture Chhabria) can not see! Her sister Angel (Hetal thick) is dreaming that brother’s vision will return to treatment. Both of the parents are not. They live close to the uncle and aunt, Dhanak who find it difficult to run the house. So treat your favorite star Shah Rukh Khan angel brother to seek help. He writes frequent letters. The funny thing is that Shorty fan of Salman Khan opposite. Siblings your favorite stars are better than the other and fight all the time to tell. Visit Small shaking myself in life becomes so large. Is the story of Dnk. Small pictures of life together with a large frame is ready. Shorty and the angel of the long journey, where life is easy on the trust and affection for others. Trust them to get the goal that eventually it will get out. Nagesh’s film Dhanak is shot beautifully. Rajasthan attractive color film and music is good. Talkative and telling every point exaggerated Chutile dialogues are part of agriculture. He has acted as visually fantastic. The older sister of Hetal really seem agriculture. With every step brother. Mother and father in his life, the absence of both meets. A good movie Dhanak in the tide dictates your feelings. It is also true, and magic. He also laugh and cry too. He also makes the emotional and angry calls. It is also for the little ones and even for adults. He also shows the fabric of relationships and the worldliness of the tug of war. Dnk similar film Dhanak. There are many colors. Like rainbow. But the rainbow foreign cinema wearing sunglasses and all-in blind people will not see the ego. Dnk a film that you can take the kids to show in cinemas. You can also see straight off. The money will be recovered. The film Dhanak will come away with some color in your eyes drowning.

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– Rakesh Omprakash Mehra’s film they are both things which He referred Mirzya did before the arrival. Milky fog valley. Rivers flows centuries. Mirzya moving on two levels. So far as the spread of giant beautiful paintings on canvas and the other camera’s eye was caught by the golden flames rising from the furnace of blacksmiths. Mehra is caught in its own style of cinema, large pane and got them buzzing with such authors. The beauty of the film is Rijati eyes. Style-a-described cinematic tone of the opera also creates elasticity. Mirzya two hours 10 minutes his camerawork, gorgeous cinematography and some touch is remembered for music. The film begins with the love of centuries ago Mirzya and Sahiban and Jodhpur Munish (Harsh Vardhan) and Suchitra (Sayami) reaches. Read and sit on a bench in a class. Sesame Ldduon and soft copies of the transaction between the mega Feelings dissolves the color of blood, will step into the teens Munish Teacher shoots so that the palms of Suchitra caning he turned red. Munish is sent to the home improvement and Suchitra his police officer father to move away from the city. Suchitra side takes time and a royal heir Karan (Anuj Chaudhary) is set to become the wife. Munish oversees the horses in the stables here. He ran from the home improvement and Mirzya grew up in the township of blacksmiths. Has changed its name-recognition. He has Adil. Munish and Suchitra revisit the twist in the tale brings. The film Mirzya, amazing locations and filming, cinematography is great and the scenes seem quite good. If you do not know about the story of Mirzya Sahibaan you can imagine what this movie. Gulzar written song and the music of Shankar Ehsaan Loy, as well as a good combination of different voices of singers who have been seen in the film. Some sequences in the film Mirzya, such as horse riding and archery has been very precise manner. Although both actors Harsh Kapoor first movie and seeing Kher Saymi not think this is his debut film. Both acted to perfection by Rakesh Omprakash Mehra has made or can say. The film Mirzya is the story of the weak link. ‘Rang De Basanti’ Rakesh two stories at the same time it was shown that the accuracy was sitting. But this time he is in the film does not seem to matter. If visual treat but the story Mirzya seems to bore after a while. Screenplay and could have been better. The mood of the film according to the audience in a certain way it would like. Rakesh Mehra direction are seen wandering again.

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As noted earlier, Powdermaker also states that "'Hollywood is no mirrorlike reflection of our society, which is characterized by a large number of conflicting patterns of behavior and values.' Instead, Hollywood had emphasized some of those values to the exclusion of others." Also, as noted earlier, in talking about Hollywood's politically liberal slant, David Prindle says " . . . it is not Hollywood's willingness to embrace national problems in movies and on television that is disturbing. It is the relentless one-dimensional viewpoint that dominates the films and television that come out of the industry."

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In 1986, tried to teach the lesson that " . . . anything is possible, if only you have faith." That same year, provided " . . . a feeling for the society its characters inhabit. Modern Britain is a study in contrasts, between rich and poor, between upper and lower classes, between native British and the various immigrant groups . . . To this mixture, the movie adds the conflict between straight and gay." The film argues " . . . that you have a choice. You can accept your class, social position, race, sexuality, or prejudices as absolutes, and live entirely inside them . . . " or you can consider other possibilities. Also, in 1986, actress Daphne Zuniga " . . . reading unsuccessfully for a part in the hit movie , tried to convince star Tom Cruise to alter the script so his heroic young airman eventually questions his militaristic ways . . . " (i.e., she attempted to change the movie's message). If movies were merely entertainment, Zuniga would probably not have felt compelled to make such a request.