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Key elements of this failure are:

• The complete inability to hold accountable those who are responsible for failure, be they politicians or military officers.
• The complete inability to learn from mistakes and adjust strategies, doing things that have been proven not to work over and over again.
• The complete inability to accept the truth of the situation, instead preferring to inhabit a fictional realm full of moderate terrorists, friendly tribal leaders, rainbows and unicorns.
• The complete inability to resist corruption of every sort, including fraudulent schemes that include outright theft of government property.

The entire US military involvement started back in the summer of 2014.

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It's hard to not include possibly biased views or controversial arguments when answering such a question. But considering the vague nature of the question, there will be no definite answer anyhow. Apart from the fact that one can not give a strict definition of the term "superpower", there is no single chain of causalities between a global event like WWII and a particular development in the subsequent years that lead to the state of the world as we know it.

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Later it turned out that the hostages were transported out a day before the start of the operation, giving rise to all sorts of questions within the CIA concerning possible leaks.

A few days later “Jihadi John” and his group of three British Arabs calling themselves “the Beatles” and acting under the pseudonyms John, Paul and Ringo beheaded a bunch of people on camera.

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trade has in particular benefited from the growth in rules-based regimes designed to strengthen free trade among countries, such as the FTA, the NAFTA and the WTO. In particular, the FTA’s (and the NAFTA’s) dispute-settlement mechanism has “greatly strengthened the rule of law in relations between Canada and the United States.

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market through the FTA, Canada remains vulnerable to its much-larger trading partner. This, in large part, is simply the reality of being a small country located next to the largest economic superpower in history. To take but one example, half of Ontario’s GDP is now dependent on exports to the United States. Despite the FTA, Canada would be hurt by a more protectionist United States, which would likely exacerbate trade disputes between the two countries.

is Declining is the Wrong Question.

It died on the when the November 2000 federal election was called. Both governments continue to collaborate on border issues, for instance, through the Canada-United States Partnership (CUSP), a binational forum of customs, immigration and law-enforcement officials.

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This is followed by machinery and equipment (22% exported, 29% imported), and industrial goods (17% and 21%). Primary products represent another important category, and clearly illustrate the difference in Canada’s trading profile versus the United States: 26% of Canada’s exports to the U.S.

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has surpassed interprovincial trade in importance. In 1988, interprovincial exports of goods, at $133 billion, were higher than exports to the United States ($101 billion). By 1998, exports to the U.S.

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states bordering Canada and their Canadian counterparts has grown substantially faster than national bilateral trade.” This is not surprising given the reduced impediments to trade under the FTA and the NAFTA and the closeness of Canadian urban centres to the United States. For example, Southern Ontario, from which most of Canada’s trade originates, is within a day’s drive of over 100 million Americans.