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There are many definitions for the word "terminal." For example, Jack Kevorkian who participated in the deaths of more than 130 people before he was convicted of murder said that a terminal illness...

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Criminal homicide takes many forms including accidental killing or purposeful murder
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In terms of economic and human losses we have seen that there are grossly unequal employment opportunities in Hollywood for women, Africa-Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, Native Americans and older citizens, among others. We have also noted that the Hollywood film community tends to be openly hostile to religious Christians and Muslims, that it has exhibited over the years, a distinct preference for European immigrants and that Hollywood's chosen people are actually a narrowly defined group of Jewish males of European heritage who are politically liberal and not very religious. We have also noted that quite often in this environment, the trampling of the interests of creative people occurs and that the pressures of such an environment lead to all manner of human loss including murder, suicide and other forms of so-called "Hollywood Death".

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Finally, in November of 1994, movie stunt woman " . . . Sonja Davis fell to her death while working as a stunt double on the upcoming Eddie Murphy film "." Ms. Davis' family is suing Paramount Studios and Eddie Murphy Productions for $10 million, alleging that the film crew, failed to provide proper safety equipment." The mother stated that the last words she heard her daughter say " . . . was when she yelled down to the stunt coordinator, 'Are you sure?'" During " . . . the 42-foot backward fall off a building . . . [t]he air bag that was to cushion Davis' fall instead reacted like a huge balloon, causing the young woman to bounce, slam into the building and hit the ground . . . "

Man charged with murder after 30-year-old stabbed to death A 27-year-old man has been charged with the murder in Sorrel, Tamworth, on Friday night.
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(1988) confronted " . . . a lot of issues that (generally) aren't talked about in the movies these days, not only issues of skin color and hair, but also the emergence of a black middle class, the purpose of all-black universities in an integrated society, and the sometimes sexist treatment of black women by black men." (1988) raises the philosophical question of " . . . which is better, to live forever on another world, or get sick and die on this one, but at least get to see your grandson playing baseball?"

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Thus far in the '90s, five Hollywood personalities have experienced premature deaths. In 1990, the police investigation suggested that actor Albert Salmi " . . . shot his wife, then himself, in an apparent murder-suicide." The following year, actress Carol White's " . . . troubles with drink and drug led to her death of an overdose . . . " at age 49. Production designer Anton Furst did " . . . film design work in Hollywood in the 1980s (but) . . . [a]t the height of his fame (in 1991), he committed suicide."

On Death Row, Creating Art from Pain, by Lilly Greenblatt

As noted earlier, Powdermaker goes on to say that "Hollywood . . . discourages and sometimes even forbids creativity in the very people whom it presumably pays to be creative." Thus, it is quite naive to suggest that there are no victims of Hollywood crimes. With all of the admiration one might muster for such a thing, some may reasonably choose to describe the Hollywood game as the "perfect crime". Its victims go far beyond the small production, distribution and exhibition companies in this country and around the world that are unfairly squeezed out of the marketplace each year by the predatory business practices of the majors, far beyond the many screenwriters whose ideas and screenplays are stolen annually without sufficient remedy, far beyond the diverse community of "outsider" filmmakers whose many stories cannot be told through film because they've been shut out of Hollywood, far beyond the thousands of struggling members of the creative community who don't even realize the playing field is titled in favor of the Hollywood insiders (or if they do, they're so fearful of being blacklisted they won't speak out), far beyond the hundreds of attractive young men and women who are lured to Hollywood every year by prospects of fame and fortune, only to end up having to sell their bodies to survive, or even worse, literally never being heard from again, far beyond all those persons who are cheated out of their fair share of the economic upside of their own films, far beyond the millions of moviegoers who are regularly deceived about the subject, suitability or quality of the films they pay money to see, far beyond the thousands of college level film students who have been misled into thinking there are reasonable opportunities waiting for them in the U.S. film industry, far beyond segments of the U.S. academic community whose intellectual honesty has been compromised by Hollywood intimidation -- to all citizens who have to cope with the powerful negative impact of irresponsible visual images and biased motion pictures on all of the world's societies.