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The University of Illinois Committee on School Mathematics headed byMax Beberman began in 1951 and was the first major project associatedwiththe New Math era. Beberman's group published a series of high schoolmathtextbooks, and drew financial support from the Carnegie Corporation andthe U.S. Office of Education. In 1955, the College Entrance ExaminationBoard established a Commission on Mathematics to investigate the"mathematicsneeds of today's American youth." The Commission, consisting of highschoolteachers, math educators, and mathematicians, issued a report withrecommendationsfor a curriculum to better prepare students for college, and produced asample textbook for twelfth grade on probability and statistics.33The efforts of these and other early groups received little attentionuntilthe U.S.S.R launched , the first space satellite, in thefall of 1957. The American press treated as a majorhumiliation,and called attention to the low quality of math and science instructionin the public schools. Congress responded by passing the 1958 NationalDefense Education Act to increase the number of science, math, andforeignlanguage majors, and to contribute to school construction.

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The purpose of this optional 3-day CLC is to provide school district central office administrators who are responsible for the district implementation of content standards (NC Standard Course of Study) with a process for discussing how professional development, technical assistance/coaching, communication/visibility and research/evaluation support quality implementation that can be sustained and monitored for fidelity.

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However, many schools stubbornly clung to the teaching of academicsubjectseven when they offered life adjustment curricula as well. Moreover,parentsof school children resisted these changes; they wanted their ownchildreneducated and not merely adjusted. They were sometimes joined byuniversityprofessors and journalists who criticized the lack of academic contentof the progressivist life adjustment programs. Changes in society atlargealso worked against the life adjustment agenda. Through the 1940s, thenation had witnessed tremendous scientific and engineering advances. Bythe end of the decade, the appearance of radar, cryptography,navigation,atomic energy, and other technological wonderments changed the economyand underscored the importance of mathematics in the modern world. Thisin turn caused a recognition of the importance of mathematics educationin the schools. By the end of the 1940s, the public school system wasthesubject of a blizzard of criticisms, and the life adjustment movementfizzledout. Among the critics was Mortimer Smith. Reminiscent of Bagley's 1926characterization of "students of education," he wrote in his 1949 book

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Several months after the publication of the Open Letter to SecretaryRiley, the U.S. Department of Education designated two more curriculaas"promising": and TheDepartment of Education praised these two programs, for their alignmentto the , among other reasons.

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Forty-five percent of Americans polled said that preparing students academically is the main goal of a public school education, while 26 percent said it was to prepare students to be good citizens and 25 percent said it was to prepare students for work.