Soap making entails the production of metal salts of fatty acids

In a crazy way, I sort of want to do both! It's dumb idea though because it's basically double the design work. (But since you asked: I was thinking two websites, two trailers, but they both pointed at the same app. And then when you start the game the first thing that pops up is a question like, "Do you like Pandas?" which would determine how the game is skinned)

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 and the bg would change to reflect what level of inner/outerspace you were in etc.

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i have all the tools to dispose of arrows, merge 3s and other white cards, feed my monster and so on. when i lose in monster mode it's because i took too many risks, got greedy or what-have-you. in merge mode, and this could be my novice ways, but it seems to be i lose due to the system. it overwhelms me, and while i fully know intellectually that it's my fault, it doesn't really feel that way. i have this crowd of diamonds that are dispersed in an unfavorable way (due to my actions, of course) and by then it's too late to do anything about. i feel more helpless and ill-equipped than i do like i made the wrong choices. maybe it's because those choices are back about 20 moves, maybe 10, or maybe it's due to the simple and elegant system. but the feeling is the same nonetheless.

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Generally speaking, the scientific community has been highly politicized and young people are being indoctrinated by way of their schooling at all levels. Bad science is now the rule in our universities and professional societies - see the latest by Jeff Rosenfeld, long the editor and gatekeeper of BAMS which includes easily refuted ‘junk science’. Climate Alarmists, with the all too willing help from the mainstream media, play ambulance chasers making wild claims that every weather event of significance is the result of our human use of fossil fuels. Meanwhile, our teams have shown that we can explain all the changes in global temperatures with natural factors, and that we can equally use the natural factors to successfully forecast upcoming seasons - something which the dynamical CO2-driven models have shown they are incapable of reliably doing.

Maybe some kind of outline on the cards? Have you played with that at all?

thank you for the very comprehensive list Earl

also, saying like "it'll grow on you" is more of the acquired taste thing and a matter of opinion while "that grows on you" is saying it's a fact that it grows. i dunno.

tap 3 of a kind and they merge where you tap (maybe certainly too out of the feel of the game)

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Pages 19-26 of my report to Senator Birmingham and Bob Baldwin discuss the serious damage to our nation and to humanity and our natural environment worldwide as a result of unfounded climate alarm spread by our university’s staff. I hope that you will fulfill your responsibility for investigating and ending such corruption. To neglect to do so will mean that you condone such damage and dishonesty. I seek confidence that you will restore the university’s scientific integrity and look forward to your reply.

Moved the animation layouts into their own scene. They were taking up a lot of memory we weren't using which means...

THREES - A tiny puzzle that grows on you.

again, i just think that this: teaches without feeling like a lecture at all. the current tutorial is much better on that note than the old one, but could we at least try this one as a base? it wouldn't require any special screens and all we have to do is change text and throttle the cards that are fed. while the current tutorial is better at teaching the game than the old one, i think the current one you just popped in might make other, more seasoned players (used to puzzle games) check out a bit, whereas my proposed tutorial engages players at the level of play where they don't feel talked down to but investigate the system on their own accord in a safe zone that we create. at least that's the hope. "show, don't tell." that conceit is paramount in a video game, especially one that clearly doesn't involve reading/watching, but doing.

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new tutorial looks like a big improvement! i do still feel like feeding them 1s and no 2s would get across the idea of 2s and 1s not being addable, ala: . i think the beginning is probably important for calling out the walls and so on like you have it now. but i still hold to the idea that keeping things linear and not breaking/changing the cards that are on the board (keeping them continuous) is important for new players feeling comfortable and learning best. it's not that much different from what you already have with the new tutorial but i just think giving them the two row 1s and 2s and then throwing them into a screen with 8 or so cards on the board and showing them the swiping slowly, while faster, is ultimately overwhelming. once i make the 24 from those cards on the next step, then getting the 3 6 12 and 24 on the board all of the sudden is also another jarring experience.