the Pope trying to act like an Emperor.

Thus, in this list, Christopher (903) and Benedict X (1058) were formerly counted as Popes, but they are not on the Catholic Encyclopedia list and are characterized as Anti-Popes by .

isten to the words of Christ, your Redeemer, your Lord, and your God.

The Popes claim doctrinal , while the doctrine of Constantinople is based on the Church Councils.

The Popes always looked better resisting than ruling.

On the other hand, Leo VIII (963) and Sylvester III (1045) are now on the Catholic Encyclopedia list but were formerly, at least by some, considered Anti-Popes.

Alexander V) actually figure in the count of legitimate Popes.

At the time of his death, I began seeing him referred to as the 264th -- with the new Pope Francis identified in the press as the 266th -- but the gave John Paul as the 265th (they have now conformed to 264).

If the Catholic Church is not going to stand for conservative morality, who is?

The legitimate Nicholas V became Pope in 1447.

At the same time, orthodox Christianity did not go as far as , , or , where matter and the body can be construed as intrinsically evil, requiring celibacy for all those, lay or clerical, seeking Salvation.

The pope's native land used to rank among the world's wealthiest.

I have discussed how the term "Caesaro-Papism," often used for the role of the Emperor in Constantinople, is applied more appropriately to the Popes themselves, whose claims and accumulation of power were an innovation, while the role of the Emperor had precedents all the way back to Constantine (and earlier, when a Roman Emperor was the ).

Jerome (Eusebius Hieronymus), who had been secretary to the Pope, St.

While in its day Hagia Sophia was architecturally unique, and remained so for centuries -- also as the largest Church in Christendom -- the Ottomans began to build great mosques in the same style, culminating in the Sultan , or Blue, Mosque nearby, built adjacent to, and using many of the stones from, the classical Hippodrome.

To Understand Pope Francis, You Need To Know About …

Nevertheless, among the ruins, like those of the great Land Walls, there is one fragile institution that survives from the earliest days: the Office of Christian Patriarch of Constantinople.

Popes and Anti-Popes in the Great Schism at Avignon are shown with backgrounds in purple.

The Pope's own private apartments became an obstetrics ward.

The count of John Paul II as 264th and Francis as the 266th Pope comes from using the three reigns for Benedict IX but counting Stephen II (752), who died after reigning for only three days.

Later, while the Popes were in Avignon, the Palace burned twice, in 1307 and 1361.

There actually is Pope John XX.

This involves a number of firsts: The first Pope from the Americas, the first Pope born outside Europe since Gregory III in 731, who was from Syria, and the first Pope to take an entirely unused name since Lando in 913.

When he died a new Pope was elected in Rome, but another was soon also elected at Avignon.

Maria Maggiore was built under Pope Sixtus III in the 5th century.

This is definitely more in the Christian tradition, where Protestants completely ignore the saying of Jesus: "And there be eunuchs, which have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake.