California’s Beginning Teachers: the Bumpy Path to a Profession

Here is my final anecdote from the free energy milieu. A fellow traveler once told me about his early free energy experiences. He had a mystical awakening while a college physics student, and used his new insight to create a working free energy prototype after he graduated, at the federal government laboratory where he worked. It produced more than twice the energy that went into it. He did not tell anybody at work about his experiment, but within hours of getting his prototype to work, he was arrested, his prototype was confiscated, and he was fired from his job. When he tried applying for another job at the university that hosted the laboratory, he was incarcerated again and interrogated. He was dazed when released. He moved hundreds of miles away and went into hiding, used an assumed name and rebuilt his prototype in a friend’s house. Just as he was about to test it, the prototype was stolen, along with the related documentation. He then stopped trying to make prototypes, and his free energy path has since taken a different direction. When I heard him say that, I imagined that the Global Controllers must have technology that can detect when anybody on earth taps into that energy field. In 2005, I heard from somebody whose opinion I respect on these matters, and he said that, indeed, the Global Controllers have satellites in orbit that can tell when anybody taps into that field (called the zero-point field and many other names). Then they send their “men in black” after them to eliminate the threat of free energy. His account has gone public and I reproduced it.

California’s beginning teachers: The bumpy path to a profession.

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In the autumn of 1988, Dennis was sitting in jail with his astronomical bail. I was driving to LA, working as a temporary employee. I was going blind in a basement, looking at microfiche all day long, reconciling a garnishment account for a huge security company. I was trying to save enough money to file for bankruptcy, and was helping Dennis however I could. Dennis’s preliminary hearing was nearing. Mr. Professor took in Dennis’s wife and children and supported the entire operation to rescue Dennis. He ended up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money. Those events helped destroy his health and , and in fact .

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That left me as the key witness. The prosecution subpoenaed me several times, in what was probably an attempt to intimidate me. Some people, seeking self-preservation above all else, tried convincing me to fall on my knees in front of Mr. Deputy and beg for his mercy. Again, virtually nobody "got it." Mr. Deputy’s reign of terror was so effective that only Mr. Professor, a few other people, and I were not frightened into running away. With everybody gone, I became Dennis’s star witness.

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One corporate coworker, a friend who was a professional at the parent company of one of my employers, was a U.S. Department of Justice investigator early in his career. He worked undercover and sometimes rotated into other duties. He was assigned one of the Justice Department's more mundane tasks: responding directly to public inquiries. The low-ranking people got that duty. The phone calls came into the Justice Department and were recorded. One day, he responded to a caller who said that an American automobile company had threatened his life. My friend called the man back, figuring it was one more paranoid tale, but he could not lightly dismiss alleged death threats. My friend called and said, "Sir, what evidence do you have that (the car company) is going to kill you? The man replied, "Because they told me so. Showed right up at my house and told me so." When my friend asked why, the man replied, "Because I invented a carburetor that gets more than one hundred miles per gallon."

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This essay only hits the highlights and was perhaps the most emotionally difficult part of this site to write and edit. Names such as Mr. Professor and Mr. Researcher are used to protect people's privacy, and I am not into naming names, even “public servants” such as Mr. Deputy, who committed great crimes in his efforts to protect the energy racket. If it really matters to anybody, all those identities are easily discovered with a little research. I refer to many primary documents in my writings, particularly documents reproduced in Dennis’s books, which have plenty of names and dates in them. I wish nobody any harm, even the “bad guys.”

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If you have been practicing in another state and are no longer in contact with the supervisor you completed your experience with, you may submit your copy of the CFY report for consideration to the Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Unit at 89 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12234-1000..