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b) His enjoyment of normal everyday experiences:
He responds to his natural needs and finds happiness in this. Meursault enjoys the ordinary pleasures of life. (Page 5 summary notes)

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Meursault had previously stopped Raymond from shooting the Arab in cold blood.

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d) Meursault had a genuine affection for Marie
The Prosecutor describes their love affair as shameful debauchery. Yet Meursault had known Marie prior to their meeting on the beach. Having first got to know her at the shipping office where he worked. Meursault shows real love, even though he is hesitant about the term. There is certainly sensual passion between them, but there is also spiritual harmony. He expresses admiration for her beauty. He loves her smile
He feels a need for her presence.

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Meursault is reticent but there are statements of his love for his mother, even though he is afraid to overstate his feelings. When the Examining Magistrate asks him if he loved his Mother , Meursault replied :
Page Oui comme tout le monde ( A reply that shocked the court stenographer)

Meursault’s conduct at the funeral was explained by his fatigue and the oppression of the physical sensations of light and heat

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On most of the character issues that were to condemn him, Meursault had the chance to misrepresent events and facts and this would be the normal in the preparation of a legal defence. Meursault chooses absolute honesty, whatever the consequences.

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He could have claimed to have fired the shots at the Arab in a terrified panic. Instead Meursault insists on confining himself to a factual account, with an explanation that it was the fault of the sun. He was immediately aware of the feebleness of his case, but felt the obligation to tell the truth as he had experienced it.

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He asks Meursault if he regrets the act. To play the game and win over the sympathies of the jurors, he should have expressed his emotion at having taken a human life and
having deprived a family of a son, a brother and so on. Yet he chooses to describe his feelings precisely, making himself seem callous and heartless.

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His refusal to be judgemental gives him an air of detachment from people and events around him. His good-hearted friend, Céleste, was disturbed by Salamano’s cruel treatment of his own dog. Meursault merely reports the habits of Salamano without giving his judgement
Page 44 –
Il y a huit ans que cela dure. Celeste dit toujours que c'est malheureux, mais au fond. personne ne peut savoir.

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In spite of the death sentence hanging over him, Meursault chooses to remain consistent to himself and his ideas. He conducts his rebellion against conventional values without any bravado. When the examining Magistrate tries to arouse his remorse, Meursault does not mount an idealistic counter-attack. Instead his reaction is one of boredom and discomfort.

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The critic, Conor Cruise O’Brian tells us that he found that the character of Meursault had a great fascination for the university students whom he taught. Nevertheless, it has to be admitted that to average, conventional people his ways would appear strange. He would seem happy in his own little world of his office, his apartment, his local district, the port. If he has a day off he likes to spend it on his balcony.
He has a very limited circle of friends. He has lunch at Céleste’s café every day without exception.