The origin of language is the origin of god Joe Lanyadoo

As you might notice I use very little ‘Hebrew’ letters. As the chart shows the Hebrew writing is actually Aramaic letters adopted by the Hebrews. The original Hebrew letters are Latin letters written from right to left. But…no one, no linguist, biblical or Egyptian scholar noticed. I find it pretty strange that such obvious fact has gone unnoticed for thousands of years

The Language of Stories: A Cognitive Approach.

The Language of Stories: A Cognitive Approach.

Note 5The origin of the word "Phoenician" is a matter of interest.

As a novelist, she penned then the screenplay for "Democracy: The Vision Restored", followed by at least a dozen stories which became motion pictures - among them "Two Weeks With Pay", "Graft", "The Fourth Horseman", "Slaves of Beauty", and "Sitting Pretty". With John L. Balderston she co-authored the 1924 stage version of "Dracula"; and in 1932 co-wrote the story for , Universal's supernatural revenge chiller starring Boris Karloff.

was originally the title of a book, by Aristotle.

["An argument that the expressive power of computational media relies on the construction of phantasms—blends of cultural ideas and sensory imagination."]

Thus, one of the oldest stories in history remains grist for modern science fiction.


Once we accept that god programmed DNA we will begin to really understand how and why we are programmed the way we are. We would be able to eventually live to about a 1000 years, the age the original sons of Adam lived to. This would require true understanding of the Torah. In other words we would need to evolve spiritually…it really means that we would need to first accept for a fact (not just believe) that there is a god creator, that there is a DNA programmer who is still (if you like it or not) running earth using sophisticated programs that can interact with our subconscious. The time is now! Only now we have enough scientific knowledge to begin and understand that we are nothing but light computers-souls, attached to a human body.

The origin of language, the origin of the Word is the origin of god…in the beginning was the…

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To be clear, the science is accurate, they are rapidly discovering the intricacies of all those complicated programs. We still don’t have a computer that has enough memory to hold our creation programs. They know everything holds information and everything can be expressed in letters and numbers but somehow still believe it was due to many yet inexplicable random accidents. Only a god would think to connect ‘feelings’ to muscles and health, a check and balance system that nature could not possibly program. I believe in science’s accuracy, I relay on known and accepted scientific facts throughout this website but their conclusions as to how it happened flies against their own evidence and are therefore clearly wrong.

It is a craving for a micro-order determined by the overview of omniscient authority.

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The reason all scientific formulas are written with Latin letters is because all formulas must be written in the writing of god. We are all using ancient Hebrew letters but don’t know it…As the chart shows 20 out of 22 original Hebrew letters written from left to right, are the current Latin letters. All formulas are permanent and therefore had to be written in the original letters god used but for no one to notice… ‘And the writing was the writing of God’

provides an effective instrument to clarify the complexity of the metaphor-icon link."]

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From the same root as we get , , "speaker," , , "public speaking," and the modern word "rhetoric." The associations of that even now are not good, as in "empty rhetoric."The "laws" translation may be particularly inappropriate in that can have a bit of a that is missed in the understanding of many scholars -- i.e.