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meets a who is looking for his pot of gold. Orange, however, has it. The Leprechaun (who's name is Liam) offers Orange three wishes for the gold. Orange gives him stupid answers like another pot of gold, a billion wishes, and that there were no rules. Orange finally makes a good first wish which is a whistling pinwheel, but he shortly gets it taken away because Liam couldn't get his attention. Orange then annoys Liam to get his pinwheel back. He drives Liam mad and decides to wish that he can have his gold back. But the gold ends up crushing Liam. Orange then gets up upset because he couldn't get his pinwheel back. But it turns out has it.

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Patrick's Day FUN!Get visited by a leprechaun! Pictures and ideas used with permission from this

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Orange was put onto the counter sometime before the series, and had been annoying for some time before the first episode was recorded. He has met oodles of fruits and vegetables, and usually infuriates them, and some survive (much to their horror). He is best friends with , who usually doesn't want to admit it. Later in the series, he meets , who he has some feelings for. Passion thinks of him as a friend most of the time, however, she also has great feelings for him. Orange had also met , who immediately was hostile towrds him do to his offensive and childlike remarks (an example being Orange mistaking Grapefruit for a "chubby orange"). Grapefruit was annoyed by Orange until he was knifed (like many other characters in the series). The same thing happened when he had met a few months later. However, Orange was getting annoyed by him due to his hearing impairment and sleeping disorder caused by his advanced age. Orange later met , who was originally planned to be a joke filler for the episode . Since then, Orange has been making fun of his size mutiple times. About a month and a half later, he met . He first met him while he was strapped to . wanted Orange to become his apprentice and literally annoy Marshmallow to death. However, Jigsaw's plan backfired as Orange began annoying . Eventually, Jigsaw gave up and went to seek new occupation, and Orange ended up rescuing Marshmallow from the death trap. On the 29th day of October in 2010, Grapefruit had returned to seek revenge on Orange as the head of a creature known as . However, Grapefruit's attempt failed as most of the food used to construct Frankenfruit was eaten by the . However, he, along with Grandpa Lemon, and , was one of the few foods to survive. When Christmas eve rolled around, Orange had seen Pear kissing . This made Orange with that he was never born. However, due to Orange being a main character in the series, it is shown in that he is a major part of a lot of people's lives. As of mid-2012, he, along with Pear, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, Passion Fruit, Grapefruit and Grandpa Lemon live on a in part-time. This created the TV series known as . Orange currently lives in along with many other foods, objects and small or miniaturized organisms. He and his friends are frequently visited by new guests of the kitchen, who usually get injured or deceased by some means. He and his friends currently have their own YouTube channels where they upload "Let's Plays" and other videos starring themselves. He is momentarily visited by recurring characters such as , and still visits the fruit cart at Daneboe's from time to time (at least until March 17, 2014 when it was destroyed).

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But, they are forgiven...they left behind pots of golden coins (the chocolate kind!)
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The Orange Leprechaun essaysOnce upon a time, there was a girl. She led what seemed to be a great life. She had a nice home, lots …

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