The oldest profession in the world.

Writer Rudyard Kipling started his 1888 book “ In Black and White“ with this sentence – “Lalun is a member of the most ancient profession in the world.” Lalun is a prostitute.

Is Prostitution Really the World's Oldest Profession?

Oldest profession (phrase) Prostitution among animals;

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This interesting conversation came to an end because it was time to listen to the two advertised speakers and the oldest profession was not one of their subjects.

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“Fighting prostitution is worthless, because it is the world’s most ancient profession, and you can’t change human nature.” That was the general consensus.

The person sitting next to me said one of these members of the ‘oldest profession’ courts her clients by driving around in a Mercedes.
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After World War I, when the white slavery panic began to wane, this viewpoint shifted. Prostitutes were regarded as feeble-minded, maladjusted girls who were ruining America’s moral fabric. I think this latter view still holds today, particularly with regard to streetwalkers. No one in my neighborhood in midtown Atlanta cares if the prostitutes on our corner receive any kind of social assistance; they just want them out of sight. These are probably the same people who consume the most online porn. One of the major themes of the book is the cyclical nature of religious fundamentalism in this country. The old adage is true: the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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As it is recorded in the Holy Scriptures, the LORD never used "Adam" as a personal name; He simply called him, and them, "man."While other "professions" have been called the oldest, tilling the soil is in fact the oldest profession.

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A: I think the Everleighs were definitely onto something. The world’s oldest profession isn’t going to go away; why not regulate and tax it? An argument can be made that legitimizing the business would keep its practitioners safer from physical abuse and disease. It seems to work in Nevada.