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was a World War II soldier and made many ironic observations about his military years. Zinn was highly critical of (the ). Sure, the carnage of war was depicted as never before, but as Zinn observed, the movie's message was that those men were making a noble sacrifice, and that although war may be bloody, it is ultimately a noble undertaking. I thought about the movie again and realized that Zinn was right. Almost all war movies are antiwar movies, but Spielberg's masterpiece depicted the affair as noble, although he showed many of its warts. is a pro-war movie, and it barely lost the Academy Award for best picture. Thank you Howard, for helping me see. That theme of is one reason why those movie-going Marines came out pumped up.

The old man loves baseball and the Yankees in particular.

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Werner von Braun and friends were no different than all the other Nazis who tried escaping post-war retribution. For von Braun, Gehlen, and gang, they sold themselves to the Americans as being useful, and instead of swinging from a noose at Nuremberg, they became American heroes, and lived in the USA. Those rocket scientists became key figures in the , as did German scientists who came under Soviet control.

The Old man saw different aspects of humanity n every sea creature.

Bill Donovan (known as "Wild Bill") and Allen Dulles ran the OSS; both would later run the CIA, and Donovan was its first director. Dulles ran the Secret Intelligence Branch ("SIB") of the OSS. Members of Dulles's SIB that became CIA directors included Richard Helms and William Casey. Donovan was a Wall Street lawyer, and his recruits were from Wall Street, Ivy League schools, and large corporations. Fittingly, the CIA was a capitalistic organization and suited to wage war against communism. It was an Eastern Establishment organization from the outset, and the half-joke of calling the CIA the "standing Army of the 500" can be traced to those men who founded and ran the OSS and subsequently the CIA. Wall Street lawyer , the man who largely , as he made big money for himself and his robber baron pals, chose Allen Dulles’s brother John Foster to run his empire, and John Foster became Eisenhower’s Secretary of State, and Allen also ran the CIA during the McCarthy witch-hunt days. During their tenure, the Dulles brothers directed the overthrow of the on behalf of the corporation that brings Americans Chiquita bananas (the Dulles brothers had a in the affair), and they helped on behalf of oil interests. John Kennedy seems to have tried to end the Cold War, which may well . and he led the Warren Commission's "investigation."

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More than a quarter of all American casualties were psychological problems, usually called shell shock. My ancestors came back from war "changed" men. The common epithet for men getting shell shock was "coward," and Patton struck men who suffered from it. Even the most heroic soldiers got shell shock. , perhaps the greatest war hero that America ever produced, suffered from shell shock for the rest of his life. One reason why shell shock was so much higher with Americans than soldiers of other nations (Germany's was less than 2%) was that America had a huge bureaucratic military structure that had only about 20% of its soldiers slated for combat, and the rest performed support duties. Consequently, those 20% had no relief, as the whole effort depended on them. They were the "point of the spear," and were doomed in the heat of the Asian and European theaters, with casualty rates so high that a soldier was almost guaranteed to get maimed or die, which led to playing Russian roulette and other suicidal behaviors. "Take no prisoners" was the motto of even Audie Murphy. Machine gunning a parachuting soldier who had bailed out, torturing prisoners to death to gain information, killing surrendering soldiers, etc., were behaviors that army in World War II displayed.

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Seventy-five percent of American soldiers admitted to having sex while overseas, and World War II veterans told me stories in which having sex with the local women (who were reduced to prostitution) was a long-standing pastime for imperial troops, such as in the Philippines. Those kinds of war stories are not told at family picnics. American men were considered the most sexist and racist of the Allies. Any woman associating with American soldiers was immediately suspected of being a prostitute. More American soldiers were casualties of venereal disease in Northern Europe than of the V-2 rocket, and during the Italian campaign, venereal disease caused more casualties than battle. A similar trend also happened at home, with the venereal disease rate of girls aged 15 to 18 doubling between 1941 and 1944, in New York City.

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The British, for instance, did not look at black American soldiers as "niggers" (a term that Truman regularly used in private), but just as American soldiers. British women who dated black American soldiers, however, were subject to being beaten up by American soldiers, and American soldiers killed people over white women dating blacks, several times, in Britain. The Americans harbored racist hatred for Arabs and Japanese particularly, but they could even be boorish toward their French and English allies for their "primitive" ways, such as not having refrigerators in their homes.